SGO Accelerates Mistika's Lightning-Speed Performance with New NVIDIA Quadro K6000


Mistika powers up with NVIDIA to increase interactivity and HFR support

Last Updated: September 6, 2013 8:47 pm GMT
(Madrid, Spain--September 6, 2013) SGO today announced that it has certified the enterprise-class NVIDIA Quadro K6000 professional graphics card for use with its award-winning, high-end colour grading and finishing system Mistika. Recognised as the fastest post-production system available, Mistika's performance will be boosted with the addition of NVIDIA's latest GPU, which offers Mistika users over two times increased throughput. As Mistika runs with "off the shelf" hardware, users can benefit by simply upgrading their GPU board to the new Quadro K6000.

Image courtesy of NVIDIA

Mistika currently uses HPZ820 Workstations, equipped with NVIDIA Quadro K6000 GPUs exclusively to accelerate post workflows, offering customers a formidable combination. SGO's highly optimised programming and NVIDIA's incredible graphics processing has enabled Mistika to provide ground-breaking real-time post-production environments for 4K, Stereo 3D and high-frame-rate productions. Many high-profile film productions have chosen Mistika, combined with HP’s hardware reliability and NVIDIA's GPU performance, to ensure that projects are delivered to the highest quality to meet tight deadlines. Recent feature films benefiting from these features include The Great Gatsby and Jean-Pierre Jeunet's The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet, with many more currently in production. Mistika played a major role in the world's first High Fame Rate (HFR) film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, for which it has been shortlisted for The IBC2013 Innovation Awards in the Content Creation Category as Leading Technology Partner with Park Road Post Production for the "World's First HFR-3D Post for The Hobbit Trilogy".

"Mistika is already the speediest and most comprehensive finishing and colour-grading system in the industry," says CEO of SGO, Miguel Angel Doncel. "A key aspect of Mistika is that it runs on readily accessible hardware benefiting directly from the vast resources a company like NVIDIA has at its disposal to create the worlds fastest-ever GPU. Existing Mistika users can swap out their current graphics board for the new Quadro K6000 in order to enjoy an instant boost to their productivity, and with a cost-effective outlay.” He adds, “I congratulate our technology partner NVIDIA on the launch of the Quadro K6000 because it is a truly remarkable product that simply puts all other GPUs in the shade."

“SGO is leveraging NVIDIA GPUs and the CUDA programming model to enable breakthrough storytelling,” said Sandeep Gupte, senior director of Product Marketing for the Quadro professional graphics business at NVIDIA. “The combination of SGO’s toolset and their ability to convert GPU resources into workflow acceleration so efficiently makes Mistika and the Quadro K6000 an incredibly exciting solution for 4K, stereo and HFR workflows.”

NVIDIA GPU Quadro K6000 boards will be supported in Mistika's V7.4 software, including 60fps, released in September at IBC at the SGO Booth A11, Hall 6.

About Mistika - As the cornerstone of many internationally acclaimed facilities and broadcasters, Mistika provides creative tools for 2D and highly-developed stereoscopic 3D productions, boasting remarkable speed and real-time visual effects, colour grading, editing, compositing, graphics and multi-format mastering and much more. With Mistika operating from non-proprietary hardware with an open file structure, including widespread codec-support, it enables easy integration and compatibility with other systems. Mistika uses NVIDIA's Quadro GPUs to accelerate algorithmic computations involved in all visual effects, pushing the boundaries of science. SGO entrusts Mistika to HP's platforms in order to achieve maximum real-time editing, ultimate grading and compositing. HP Workstations are time-tested and dependable and exclusively used to accelerate 2D and Stereo 3D post production workflows in all Mistika projects. Find out more about Mistika at

About SGO
An established European developer of leading high-end solutions including its flagship DI and Stereo 3D finishing system Mistika, and onset application Mistika Live application for the post production and broadcast industries, supported by specialist technology partners such as HP and NVIDIA. SGO also relies on ATTO Technology, Inc., the storage and network connectivity solutions provider to bring even greater performance standards to Mistika workflow solutions for high-end film and broadcast projects. Visit them


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