Daystrom Appoints Steven B. Cohen to Lead 4K Initiative


Former Sony Pictures and Ascent Media technologist to assist in launch of software-defined workflow systems for managing high-resolution and high-frame rate data files.

Last Updated: September 11, 2013 5:08 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--September 11, 2013) Daystrom Technology Group, a California-based specialist in high-performance workflows and durable storage, has hired Steven B. Cohen as Solutions Architect to lead their new 4K workflow automation and storage initiative. Cohen brings broad expertise in digital technologies for film and television production through posts with Sony Pictures Studios, Ascent Media Group, Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition and Cohen Communications, Inc.

Photo Credit: Esther Seznie

As Solutions Architect, Cohen will enable broadcasters, post-production facilities and next-gen media distributors to orchestrate multiple 4K pipelines optimizing the performance of current and future investments. He will provide content creators the ability to manage storage and networking resources into cost-effective workflows based on an open-standards, software-defined architecture.

“Steven has been working at the forefront of digital technology for decades, making him the ideal person to lead our effort in the new frontier of 4K,” said Paul Evans, Principal Architect and Founder, Daystrom Technology Group. “He enjoys broad respect across the entertainment industry and will be a valuable resource to our studio clients in implementing elegant, cost-effective data-management solutions.”

“4K workflows, and the volume of data that they create, present some of the biggest challenges faced by content creators today,” stated Cohen. “Daystrom has developed software-defined tools that automate 4K workflows (Workflow-On-Demand/Infrastructure-as-a-Service), while incorporating our new scale-out storage hardware that is secure and self-healing with adaptive-performance, geo-tiering and capacity-predictability. With this combined solution, Daystrom provides hardware and software that enables efficient and data-durable 4K workflows.”

Cohen has more than 30 years of experience in developing technologies for content creators, including solutions for sound and picture editorial, on-set dailies review, digital cinema distribution and media storage. He most recently served as Senior Account Executive at Aberdeen LLC, a server and storage integrator. His background also includes employment as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Maya Digital Studios, India’s oldest animation studio; Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technologist of Raging River Corporation, a specialist in digital content delivery; Vice President of Feature Services for Ascent Media Group; Vice President, Sales and Development for Sony Pictures Studios; and Founder of Cohen Communications, Inc. Cohen has provided technology solutions to many leading filmmakers, including James L. Brooks, Michael Bay, Tony Scott, David Fincher, Gore Verbinski and Bret Ratner. He is a member of AMPAS, ATAS and the ASC Technology Committee.

Since joining the Daystrom team, Cohen is tasked with the implementation of a new network and storage infrastructure for the 4K Vendor/Partner area of Sony Electronics’ Digital Motion Picture Center. The new infrastructure will use 4K software-defined control to alter its configuration dynamically in response to scheduling and system needs. The system will be capable of ingesting, protecting, processing and delivering content across a range of resolutions, platforms and geographic locations.

About Daystrom Technology Group
Founded in 1994 on the San Francisco Peninsula, Daystrom serves clients with exponential growth of unstructured data, particularly in the media, sciences, and energy sectors. As a strategic advisor and expert integrator of scalable systems for digital assets and big data, Daystrom specializes in end-to-end system designs focused on modular, scale-out tiered storage, data durability, and adaptive performance. Daystrom designs also enable geo-predictability and secure, self-healing capabilities in support of high frame rates and other developing high-throughput needs.


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