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Virtual Gut Band Video Promises to be Cost Effective Method to Weight Loss

Last Updated: September 16, 2013 7:19 pm GMT
(Atlanta, Georgia--September 16, 2013) Biscardi Creative Media (BCM) recently had the opportunity to work on a one-ofa-kind project in the world of homeopathic energetic medicine. The question for BCM was, “can you produce a video that can help convince the viewer they’re actually having surgery?” An outwardly simple request turned into a true gem when BCM learned this venture had unique challenges that would stretch both creativity and ingenuity. This particular project would need to delve into the realm of positive visualization and relaxation. Never one to back down from a challenge BCM took on the project that was recently christened and released as the “Virtual Gut Band Video.”

Through relaxation, visualization and behavioral change, the Virtual Gut Band Video helps viewers to imagine and believe a gastric band has been fitted to their stomach. In other words they feel as if they’ve successfully undergone gastric band surgery. The Founder and Owner of Homeopathic Weight Management, Donna Kerley commented further, “I’ve learned through my research and practice that you first have to address the critical mind so that you know that it’s safe and respected. Once the critical mind through relaxation becomes the observer of the actions or thoughts; it then allows the feeling mind to make changes about its perceptions and attitudes toward the self and body. I wanted to provide a product that through audible stimulation and positive visualization could help reshape people’s lives, without implementing expensive and invasive solutions such as surgery. The Virtual Gut Band Video does just that.”

Managing Partner at Biscardi Creative Media, Walter Biscardi, Jr., served as Producer for the Virtual Gut Band Video project. “We started with establishing the ultimate goal and purpose for the project. We then reviewed the budget and went to task on developing a product that would be effective and efficient. As a result, we knew that this would work best as a multi-phaseproject. To stay within budget our team was able to come up with resourceful methods for the first phase which included the creative use of existing stock footage.

Including pre-planning, the project was a two month initiative with three weeks dedicated to editorial. Editing was lead by BCM editor R. John Becker and the video was given the full postproduction treatment. It was cut in Adobe Premiere Pro, the go-to editing tool of choice for the BCM team. Color grading was completed using Red Giant Software Colorista and Magic Bullet Looks. “We needed a dreamlike look and feel because we were creating an out of body experience. It was easy to create that in Magic Bullet Looks” said Walter.

Full audio and sound mix was completed by sound designer Patrick Belden. “Early on I realized that the most important part of this project would be the audio and the sound mix” commented Walter. “I knew that to make a virtual operation as believable as possible, the viewer would need to not only see but hear all the sounds in the operating room while the ‘surgery’ was taking place. Proper sound mix through ProTools and Patrick’s deft touch were vital to make this work. Equally important to the success of a project like this is the proper voice. It’s the voice that relaxes and carries the viewer through the entire procedure and Donna had a very distinct idea to have a British female voice. Fortunately we work regularly with July Lindsay who is a British transplant and her voice was spot on for this project. We maintained her voice as narrator at full volume but other voices in the surgical room or hospital hallways were placed as if in dream-like state. All the components working together helps to establish a level of reality to the virtual surgical process.”

“Partnering with Biscardi Creative Media was an amazing experience” said Donna. “The BCM team was responsive, professional and genuine. I watched magic happen by being able to see what I had visualized inside my mind come to fruition. Walter’s business title is Creative Genius and it’s the truth. He not only heard what I was saying but he heard my passion and heart and helped to manifest all of it into the final product.”

“This was Donna’s first time working through a video production. We had a great time collaborating with her” said Walter. “Having the opportunity to work on a challenging project with a new concept that will have a positive impact on the lives of others is rewarding.”

The Virtual Gut Band Video was recently released and both the HWM and BCM teams are looking forward to collecting feedback from early users. HWM’s weight management video program is currently slated to be a four part series. Biscardi Creative Media looks forward to continued partnership with HWM to bring new, impactful and cost-effective weight loss products to the masses.

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