Rundown Creator Integrates with NewTek TriCaster Multi-Camera Video Production System


Last Updated: September 17, 2013 10:33 pm GMT
(San Luis Obispo, California--September 17, 2013) Rundown Creator announced today that it has integrated with the industry-standard TriCaster family of products as one of the newest members of the NewTek Developer Network.

Loading the TriCaster Playout Controller

The integration allows users to insert titles, graphics, audio clips, and video clips into their scripts in Rundown Creator, and play them out on a TriCaster using Rundown Creator's new TriCaster Playout Controller.

“I am incredibly excited to introduce this new feature,” said Rundown Creator founder Jeff Zimmerlin. “TriCaster is very popular among our users, and for those users who have them, this is not only going to make their lives a lot easier, but it's also going to allow them to do more with the resources they already have.”

With Rundown Creator's TriCaster integration, title templates, graphics, audio clips, and video clips on your TriCaster all show up automatically in Rundown Creator, and inserting them into your scripts is as simple as selecting the one you'd like in the Script Editor.

TriCaster Playout Controller

Rundown Creator's TriCaster Playout Controller can manage up to 20 channels on your TriCaster, including 2 graphics inputs, 15 framebuffers, 2 DDRs, and an audio player. It generates a single playlist with all of the elements in your show, so even with that many channels, playback is as simple as just pressing the space bar on your keyboard.

The playlist is real-time too, so it automatically updates when changes are made to your rundowns or scripts. It's also fault tolerant, so it can continue to function even if the user's Internet connection goes down.

“We are very excited about Rundown Creator's TriCaster integration, not only because it's a valuable addition to our many TriCaster customers worldwide, but also because it's a great example of the power and flexibility of the SDK platform that NewTek offers to developers who want to integrate with our products,” said Andrew Cross, Chief Technology Officer at NewTek.

“It's been an absolute dream come true to work with NewTek on this project,” said Zimmerlin. “If we needed something―anything―they made it happen. They've been great.”

Rundown Creator's TriCaster Playout Controller is available now. For more information, visit .

About Rundown Creator
Rundown Creator is a web application for TV, radio, and internet broadcasters who need an easy way to collaboratively create rundowns for their shows, script them out, and time them. It's similar to ENPS and iNews, but what makes Rundown Creator different is that it's completely web-based (it runs in your web browser, on your computer, tablet or mobile phone), it's hosted in the cloud, and it's affordable (plans start at just $36/month).

Rundown Creator was founded by Jeff Zimmerlin back in 2007 when he was a junior at San Diego State University. Jeff was producing a student-run newscast and needed a product like Rundown Creator, but at the time, none existed. So, he called on his programming skills and experience in local TV news to build one. Now, Rundown Creator has nearly 200 clients around the world, including big name clients like, Revision3, The New York Times, NBCUniversal, CNN Latino, Yahoo!, and more.


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