IBC 2013 - Stream-based Workflows - Going Beyond Files


Quantel shows a vision of the future at IBC

Last Updated: September 19, 2013 4:31 pm GMT
(Amsterdam--September 19, 2013) At IBC 2013 Quantel introduced a truly revolutionary concept - stream-based workflows. Just as file-based workflows replaced video, stream-based workflows are the next giant stride forward for our industry, moving beyond the limits of files to allow content to be accessed from anywhere, in any form, instantly.

Quantel stream-based working enables any user to edit wherever they are, and wherever the media is - even on live ingests, and to publish the results anywhere.

Quantel stream-based workflows offer multiple operational and cost benefits:

Stream-based working is faster, because there is no need to wait for files to complete their transfers; users can start work with streamed media as soon as the frames begin to arrive.

Stream-based workflows are simpler, because there are no copies of media created, dramatically reducing the media management overhead.

Stream-based workflows are inherently more efficient in their use of networks and storage. High resolution frames are transferred only when absolutely necessary, as a background task, greatly reducing workflow latency while optimizing utilization of precious storage and network resources.

Scalability is enhanced - many users can work with many streams without the inherent complexity of file-based workflows.

And finally, because of all these benefits, stream-based workflows are simpler and cheaper to specify, purchase and maintain - so costs are lowered too.

As an example of stream-based workflows in action, at IBC Quantel showed QTube InterSite, a new workflow that allows users to edit anywhere and publish anywhere, instantly - without waiting for files to move - see separate release.

"Quantel stream-based workflows offer our industry a path into the future that frees us from the limitations of file-based working. Streams speed access to content, minimize the need for time-consuming and management-intensive copying, and allow us to build the systems that our customers are asking for," said Steve Owen, Quantel Marketing Director. "Better still, thanks to Quantel's commitment to protecting customers' investments over the long term, the advantages of stream-based workflows can be added to an existing Quantel file-based environment."


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