IBC 2013 - Quantel Announces Fraunhofer IIS DCP Integration


All Pablo Rio, Pablo, eQ and iQ customers can benefit from industry-leading DCP toolset

Last Updated: September 19, 2013 6:51 pm GMT
(Amsterdam--September 19, 2013) At IBC 2013, Quantel announced that it has concluded an agreement with Fraunhofer IIS to integrate its DCP creation and importing software into the Pablo Rio, Pablo, iQ and eQ toolsets. The software offers the most requested functionality of Fraunhofer IIS's standalone easyDCP toolset as a fully integrated resource in the Quantel GUI.

Already in wide use as a standalone package, Fraunhofer IIS's software is recognised as one of the industry's most comprehensive DCP creation tools. The Quantel implementation includes the Fraunhofer IIS DCP toolset, enabling the creation of standards-compliant DCP encrypted masters for delivery, and the importing of DCP files into the Quantel environment, facilitating their use as a high quality interchange format. Working with the Fraunhofer IIS DCP toolset within the Quantel environment saves time and costs associated with exporting media to external systems. Better still, creative work can continue uninterrupted on the Quantel system while DCP packages are being created as a background task.

"The integration of our easyDCP software allows Quantel systems to use DCPs as direct input format for post production and as an alternative exchange format with the highest image quality," explained Heiko Sparenberg, group manager Digital Cinema at Fraunhofer IIS.

"We have worked with Fraunhofer IIS to enable integration of its DCP API within the Quantel environment in response to customer requests," said Quantel Marketing Director, Steve Owen. "Importantly, we have been able to make this available to all Quantel post production system users - even those who purchased from us 10 years ago. This is all part of our continuing commitment to supporting our customers for the long term and giving them the very latest tools and facilities wherever and whenever it is possible."

Fraunhofer IIS DCP integration will be included in the next software release, due on 27 September 2013 as a trial version, enabling watermarked DCPs to be created. The full version can be obtained by purchasing a licence online from easyDCP GmbH, Fraunhofer IIS's reseller.


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