IBC 2013 - Quantel releases 64-bit software for eQ, iQ and Pablo


New software brings the very latest capabilities to systems launched up to 10 years ago

Last Updated: September 19, 2013 6:53 pm GMT
(Amsterdam--September 19, 2013) At IBC 2013 Quantel announced a new 64-bit software release for its eQ, iQ and Pablo systems. The new software takes advantage of the modern PC within the eQ, iQ or Pablo to enable the system to take advantage of all the latest tools already delivered on Pablo Rio this year.

Major highlights of the package include:
  • Support for all the new formats announced for Pablo Rio at IBC - see separate release

  • Mocha tracker enhancements

  • Larger than 2GB WAV file support

  • Sony F65 soft-mount

  • Support for Sony F55 and F5

  • Video stretch render format choices

  • Audio loudness monitoring via NUGEN VisLM plug-in

  • Support for P2 and AVCi encoding for MXF

  • Color ranges - highlights active modes

  • Aperture - separate RGB channel defocus and sharpen

"This is a great example of the long-term support that we continue to deliver to all Quantel customers - including those owning systems first launched 10 years ago," said Ray Cross, Quantel CEO. "We are committed as a company to ensuring that all Quantel users continue to get great ROI from their investment with us over many years. When you buy Quantel, you don't just buy a product, you buy into the company and its values too. We're very proud of that."


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