Backyard’s Nguyen And The Fantastical Get Guy Out Of A Sticky Situation For ‘47 Brand


Last Updated: September 23, 2013 8:51 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--September 23, 2013) Venice, CA-based Backyard director Kim Nguyen saves a young suitor from a beat-down in the artful and relatable :30 “Nice Hat” for the ‘47 NFL FRANCHISE hat out of the Fantastical, Boston, MA. The spot is part of an integrated digital and social media campaign that includes alternate endings, an in-store Lids campaign that includes a mobile component, digital banners, pre-roll as well as a social media scavenger hunt that includes a chance to win a trip to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii.

Click HERE to download the :30, HERE to see on YouTube and HERE to vote on alternate endings.

Says Nguyen, “We wanted to capture an authentic pocket of youth culture in anywhere USA. Something that feels like we’re dropping in on your party last Saturday night. And I loved that the Fantastical appreciated a subtle, nuanced approach in everything from performance to wardrobe. They knew casting a Stifler-like character for the antagonist wouldn’t play, for example. It was a fun collaboration.” Adds the Fantastical’s Managing Partner/Chief Creative Officer Michael Ancevic, “Creating a scene in which the hat becomes valuable capital was the goal and that only really works if the scenario seems plausible. Kim has her finger on the pulse of youth culture and was able to deliver that in a really authentic way, which was critical to this brand and the campaign’s success.”

“Nice Hat” opens on the young man courting a girl at a raucous outdoor party: skateboards, BMX bikes, and smartphone video sharing galore. This is a place to gather away from parental supervision. The couple seems to be getting along swimmingly until a much larger fellow, also wearing a ‘47 Brand NFL hat, steps up behind our Romeo. We could hear a pin drop. A fight seems imminent until the larger boy sees his competition’s ‘47 NFL FRANCHISE hat. “Nice hat,” he says and proceeds to walk away from the scene with his girlfriend, leaving the young man alone. We close on a series of ‘47 Brand hats and the ‘47 Brand logo.

The spot is Backyard’s second collaboration with the Fantastical, having produced TripAdvisor’s first international campaign last May.

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Client: ‘47 Brand
Spot Title: “Nice Hat,” :30
Airdate: currently online
Where shot: Los Angeles, CA
Agency: the Fantastical, Boston, MA
Managing Partner/Chief Creative Officer: Michael Ancevic
Managing Partner/Chief Creative Officer: Steve Mietelski
Executive Producer: Susan Poor
Senior Account Executive: Emily Hurwitz
Production Company: Backyard Productions, Venice, CA
Director: Kim Nguyen
Director of Photography: Giorgio Scali
President/Partner: Blair Stribley
Managing Director/Partner: Chris Zander
VP/Executive Producer: Kris Mathur
Head of Production: Emily Malito
Producer/UPM: Kevin Sharpton
Editor (from Untold Stories): Pedram Torbati
Producer (from Brickyard): Kristen Anderson
Engineer (from Soundtrack): Mike Secher
Graphics: The Brickyard, Boston, MA


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