Bringing Melbourne to the World Via A Real-Time Tourism Experiment


Last Updated: October 10, 2013 3:00 am GMT
(Melbourne, Australia--October 10, 2013) Production Company Tool and director Jason Zada have teamed up with Exit Films and Clemenger BBDO to develop a crowdsourced live streaming travel guide for Tourism Victoria.

The Melbourne Remote Control Tourist ( will bring the sights, sounds, streets, people and unique experiences of Melbourne to a global audience in real time via social media. Facebook and Twitter users can log on to the Remote Control Tourist website and control what a team of urban explorers with helmet-mounted streaming video cameras are doing. They can check out their Instagram feeds, track their location using Google Maps or FourSquare and get them to delve into any fascinating nook or cranny.

View a clip from the first day’s stream, here.

The Remote Control Tourist will run two live streams for a total of eight hours a day from October 9 to 13. “In order to bring the world to Melbourne, we’re bringing Melbourne to the world,” explains Tool Director Jason Zada. “This goes beyond stationary Webcams and errant social media posts, bringing everything together in a way that potential visitors to Melbourne can take control of and understand. We were enormously pleased to work with all parties involved to give anyone with an Internet connection a way to explore this awesome city themselves.”

Tool and its digital team created a number of proprietary technologies to support the innovations required for a project such as this. They leveraged the Google Maps API to create a custom map that shows real-time tracking of the RCT’s (for over 500 locations) and built a custom GPS tracking system that works in iOS. The scale and amount of content being featured on the site required Tool to carefully design a data-scraping strategy and notification plan: They used Node.js to notify users when new content was available, and to allow them to chat and make requests to the RCTs. With social media conversation at the core of the experience, Tool leveraged its proprietary social media software to allow the production teams to monitor Tweets and Facebook posts in real time.

A teaser video for the project is available at The RCTs will be live online from 9 – 13 October.

Client: Tourism Victoria
Agency: BBDO Clemenger
Production Company: Tool/Exit Films
Director: Jason Zada

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