Televisa upgrades Enterprise sQ news production system and purchases Pablo Rio for promotions production


World's largest Spanish language broadcaster relies on Quantel for speed and quality

Last Updated: October 9, 2013 9:41 pm GMT
(Newbury, United Kingdom--October 9, 2013) Mexico-city based broadcaster, Televisa, has placed an order with Quantel for a major upgrade to its Enterprise sQ news production system and has also purchased a Pablo Rio color and finishing system for its Creatividad Digital promotions production department.

Televisa is the world's most-viewed Spanish language programming producer and broadcaster, and its ultra-modern news production operation, based around a Quantel Enterprise sQ system, is one of the cornerstones of its success. The upgrade will bring the latest V5 software to the operation, enabling the broadcaster to benefit from 64-bit and Windows 7 as well as all the latest features introduced by Quantel. These include faster and more flexible editing tools and loudness metering, and enhanced file-based workflows.

The purchase of the Pablo Rio high quality color and finishing system will boost promotions production, and will also be at the heart of Televisa's movement into 4K production. The new 'deliver to sQ' feature will enable content created on Pablo Rio to be automatically transferred into Televisa's Enterprise sQ system at HD resolution, ready for air.

"Our Quantel system is very robust and continues to meet all our news production requirements," said Elias Rodriguez, Televisa Director General of Operations. "We are also happy that Quantel continues to develop the system so that we can take advantage of all the latest file and workflow developments across our news operation. The Pablo Rio system, with its all-in-one color and finishing capabilities, will enhance our promotions productivity and also give us a platform to move into 4K production."

"Televisa is one of the world's most forward-looking broadcasters, and we're delighted that they continue to rely on Quantel to maintain their competitive advantage," said Ray Cross, Quantel CEO.

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