CHRLX Beauty Member Charlie Wan Directs ‘Lean On Me’


Fashion Film Screens at TriBeCa Cinemas During New York Fashion Week

Last Updated: October 9, 2013 11:10 pm GMT
(New York, United States--October 9, 2013) Building on its platform for the confluence of talent, CHRLX Beauty reunited with award-winning director Charlie Wan to create “Lean On Me”.

The 8-minute fashion film debuted at TriBeCa Cinemas during last month’s Fashion Week. It was conceived and directed by Wan, working closely with fellow collective member and Director of Photography Pete Konczal. It features contemporary dancers Lilija Rúriksdóttir & Isaies Santamaria Perez dressed in exquisite pieces by Herve Leger, Diane Von Furstenberg and Azzedine Alaia. Loni Landon and Gregory Dolbashian provided the poetic, expressive choreography.

“Charlie's approach was fresh and risky,” said Konczal of his first collaboration with Wan. “He wanted to really light the stage, to let the dancers move and exist in this environment. We kept the camera on a dolly, rolling freely with no track, so the dancers could transition through the light and be affected by it. This collective as a whole is very much driven by a like-mindedness, a desire to take chances.”

“This project was an opportunity for CHRLX Beauty to support Charlie and the crew and to show our appreciation for the art of fashion and beauty,” said Executive Creative Director Ryan Dunn, whose previous work with the collective includes the short film “Red Ascent” and films for David Yurman, among others.

“These collaborations aren’t simply about providing post services,” said Executive Producer Corey Budro, “they are about vision fulfillment, collaboration, and whatever comes along with it. We want to allow artists like Charlie and Pete to focus on artistry, and let the story drive the piece." "Our new Creative Director, Matt Wilson, will push this agenda even further,” Dunn added. "We want to find a balance between live-action, design and CG, between art and commerce - but above all we’re trying to create stories worth remembering.”

“Thanks to CHRLX Beauty, I feel I’ve opened a Pandora’s box within myself,” Wan said. “I began as an Art Director in the fashion world, transitioning into photography and directing, and now I’ve challenged myself to explore dance. We’re going to see more marriages between dance and fashion - it works emotionally and aesthetically.”

Wan also composed and arranged the film’s track, “Waterfall,” another creative first for him. “What an adventure this has been,” Wan concluded. “I’m so honored to have so many talented people contribute to bring this piece to life. It was a group effort, and a milestone for CHRLX Beauty as a collective.”

Lean on Me (teaser) from CHRLX BEAUTY on Vimeo.

View the Full Film:

Project Credits
Director: Charlie Wan
Executive Producer: CHRLX Beautywhy
Producer: Juan Reinoso
Dancers: Isaies Santamaria Perez, Lilka Rúriksdóttir
Director of Photography: Pete Konczal
Editor: Duc-Minh Nguyen
Retouched and Color-Corrected by: Kyle Derleth/CHRLX Beauty
Choreographers: Greg Dolbashian, Loni Landon
Stylist: Newheart Ohanian
Hairstylist: Adam Maclay
Make-up Artists: Mari Shten, Francisca Saavedra Von Dessauer
Art Director: Nicolaas Smith
Assistant Director: Samantha Light
Assistant Camera: John Cooper
Gaffer: Andrew Tank Rivara
Best Boy Electric: Brad Reeb
Key Grip: Gary Wilkins
Best Boy Grip: Charles Chip Kelk
Production Assistant: Henry Hougha
Craft Service: Jo Anne Joseph
Photographer: May Lin Le Goff
"Waterfall" Written & Arranged by Charlie Wan


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