Vanatoo To Exhibit At Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, CO Showing Off Their Powered Speakers


Last Updated: October 10, 2013 5:55 pm GMT
(Seattle, Washington--October 10, 2013) The Rocky Mountain Audio ( is one of the most popular Audio shows in the country and boasts huge attendance and an extremely relaxed and friendly environment perfect for showcasing the latest in Stereo equipment.

This will be Vanatoo's second trip to the show where they received an enthusiastic response last year as they unveiled their new entry in the market. Vanatoo is the creator and manufacturer of the Vanatoo Transparent One powered speaker system. The goals of the company were to build a complete stereo system utilizing the latest in connectivity features with their powered speakers and concentrating on delivering audiophile quality sound for an affordable price.

They have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. For a "sound system" priced right at $500, they have produced what many consider to be the perfect stereo system for home, office or college.

Jam packed with features, the Vanatoo powered speakers Transparent One's let you easily connect to virtually any music source. The 3.5mm mini-jack allows direct connection to an MP3 player, Apple iPod®, iPod dock, tablet, TV, or nearly any other device with an analog output using the included cables. The three digital inputs (USB audio, coax, optical) make your music sound even better when directly connected to a Mac®, PC, Apple Air port Express, or other device with digital outputs.

Wireless streaming is supported through your choice of external adapter, so that as wireless standards change, your speakers won't have to. Most wireless adapters can be set up to use your smartphone or tablet as both a source and/or remote control, making the most of the devices you already have. The options are many, the connections are seamless, and the convenience is addictive.

Vanatoo Transparent One's enjoys a 5 star rating on Amazon, and the reviews coming from stereo industry insiders gush with approval of their product:

"The natural, emotional response for most audiophiles hearing the Vanatoos for the first time would be disbelief that such a great sound could be had from a complete hi-fi system for $500 - I know it was mine when hearing them in Los Angeles in June. Hearing them for considerably longer back at home, nothing has changed." John Darko, Digital Audio Review, July 28, 2013

"We may be entering a new era for active speakers with the popularity of computer audio, and proliferation of digital connection options available to consumers. The huge improvement in wireless connections and their wide spread integration into home entertainment is another important factor. I believe relative newcomer Vanatoo has leveraged much of this sea change into their exciting, and excellent-sounding Transparent One active speakers. This reviewer believes they are very much a super buy at $499 a pair."

"... I can easily call the Vanatoo Transparent One a best buy for 2013." Andre Marc, Audio Video Revolution, April 4, 2013

"..."how good can my Apple audio get?" That will lead you to an audiophile level set of powered speakers called the Transparent One from Vanatoo. The high quality of audio that is packed into this well designed and fairly compact (10" high x 6.5" wide) package is stunning and delivers nice clarity on the high end and respectable power on bass-worthy lows. With the thumping built-in subwoofer and powerful amplifier throwing out 60 watts per channel you will be ready to convert your desktop into a full throttle audio extravaganza." Alanna Kahn, MacTribe, April 2013

"Because of it's amazing self-powered sound quality as well as it's unparalleled connectivity at a price that would be unbelievable if we hadn't verified it, we enthusiastically give the Vanatoo Transparent One our rare Stereomojo Major Mojo Award." Michael Zisserson, Stereomojo, January 22, 2013

"We are excited to be returning to RMAF," said Vanatoo co-founder Gary Gesellchen. "Last year was our first, and it was a total adrenaline rush! We weren't sure what to expect when introducing a complete stereo system for $500 at a "High-End" audio show. We were warned that some audiophiles would not give us the time of day. The experience could not have been more different. The response was just overwhelmingly positive. People were just stunned at what they could get for $500. The smiles we generated on enthusiastic show-goers faces were well worth the entry price, and we received our first "Editor's Choice" award as a result of one of the press contacts we made."

Partner Rick Kernen added, "RMAF is just an all-around great experience. Virtually the entire industry is represented, and it is an incredible environment. Vanatoo is part of a quiet revolution that has been taking place in audio, and at RMAF that revolution explodes into view, showcasing the amazing talent and creativity in our industry. I can't wait for that first person that walks into room #478!"

For music lovers and audio enthusiasts in the Denver area, this appears to be the place to be on the second weekend in October, and Vanatoo will be there too, with a speaker/stereo combination that will thrill you, not only for the high quality sound, but also for their price.

Where else can you get an audiophile quality stereo system for $500?

Vanatoo will be taking orders at the show, with free next day shipment as a show bonus, so getting your hands on a pair of these is simple and easy. Additionally, with Vanatoo's 30 Day Audition plan you can purchase for no risk. If you decide you don't want to keep them, just send them back for a full refund on the price of the equipment. This is a win-win for all showgoers.

Plan on looking them up in Room #478 at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Marriott Tech Center, 4900 S Syracuse St.,Denver,CO., the weekend of October 11-13.

About Vanatoo
Vanatoo aims to create affordable, versatile audiophile quality powered speakers for today’s digital music enthusiast. Our goals are to create speakers with impeccable sound clarity and transparency, so your music is a faithful reproduction of the artist’s work, and with the flexibility to connect to the myriad of audio devices and networks available in the marketplace.


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