BlackcamSystems Add Dynamic Moves to Music Competitions, Rising Dance Stars, and Live Events


Last Updated: October 15, 2013 8:25 pm GMT
(Berlin, Germany--October 15, 2013) From TV show competitions to music festivals, from car shows to movie premiers, BlackcamSystems are on the scene. By customizing its various systems for diverse uses, Blackcam remote-controlled camera tracking systems allow for unique coverage from all angles.

BlackcamSystems Add Dynamic Moves to Music Competitions, Rising Dance Stars, and Live Events

BlackcamSystems have made an impact in Europe shooting popular televised competitions with its innovative systems. Blackcam shots can be seen on “The Voice of Germany,” “The Voice Kids,” “The X Factor UK,” “Popstars,” “Das Super Talent,” “Deutschland sucht den SuperStar” (Germany’s take on “American Idol”), “Let’s Dance,” and “Got To Dance Germany,” to name a few.

To shoot these productions, BlackcamSystems’ set-ups often feature a Blackcam B40 model (which accepts various cameras including ARRI Alexa M, RED Epic and Scarlet, Sony F5/F55/P1 and similar sizes) moving along circular tracks imbedded in the main stage. Other times, B40s travel on tracks spanning the length of the set, or rotate around the entire dance floor and past the various judges’ chairs. While shooting “The X Factor UK” in London, an Underslung B40 flies over the tops of contestants’ heads on 30m of straight track for thrilling overhead shots of the live action.

In addition to broadcast shows, BlackcamSystems have shot dozens of live concerts by Coldplay, Korn, Incubus, Milow, and Alicia Keys, as well as music festivals such as “Melt,” “Splash,” and “Berlin Festival.” BlackcamSystems also shot “ECHO 2013,” the German music award show.

BlackcamSystems are used to shoot many 3D concerts, including two recent 3D concerts at Berlin’s one-of-a-kind techno club, Kater Holzig. Production company, Totho, shot concerts by Berlin-based electronic rock band Bonaparte and musician Kalabrese. Totho used the Blackcam B40-3D with a mini mirror rig and two Modula Baby cameras moving along 6m of straight track. The project was directed by Thomas Janze, BlackcamSystem founder, with technical support by Tectum, a specialized 3D rental company.

When it comes to classical concerts, BlackcamSystems are also there, and have been used for such TV broadcast concerts as "Mahlermania" at the German Opera, "Stars von Morgen" at Kesselhaus music hall, and "Rojotango" at Admiralspalast theatre. At classical events, BlackcamSystems are expertly set up to ensure that the systems run as quietly as possible.

In addition to shooting music and dance-centered shows, this remote-controlled camera tracking system specializes in shooting events, including recent coverage of the International Automobile Convention in Frankfurt for the Mercedes Benz press conference and pre-evening event. Mark Achterberg directed the production, with Wolfgang Schwartz as technical director (broadcast). The press conference video, courtesy of Mercedes’ social media marketer Daimler, can be seen at


The longest track manufactured by BlackcamSystem was used at the German premiere of “World War Z” in June of this year. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt appeared on the red carpet at the Sony Center in Berlin, and the event was shot by a custom set-up BlackcamSystem on 70m of track with two 90-degree curves.

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