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Last Updated: October 17, 2013 9:55 am GMT
(Shelton, Connecticut--October 17, 2013) Filmmaker/still photographer Alan Vidali recently returned from an extensive location scout for the short film Pull Over to Kill, written and to be directed by Robbie Ikegami. “Since it was a location scout, I only took my still photography equipment — a Hasselblad 500 with three lenses, a digital back, two batteries, chargers, prisms, a spot meter and two incidental meters, a color meter, a Fuji X-Pro 1 with lenses batteries and chargers, as well as a cleaning kit, eight SD cards, and a MacBook Pro 17-inch — all of which fit easily in my new Petrol Bags DigiSuite Rolling case.

“I am a shooter who likes to take all my equipment because I never know when I’m going to need it,” he explains. Therefore, a bag that makes his work easier and lets him take everything with him is a must. Vidali admits that, over the years, he’s purchased various camera bags, but “no matter how much I tried to organize my gear in a bag or case, there was always something missing. They were never big enough to fit all my equipment and yet light enough to transport it on my own and carry it onboard an airplane if needed. That is, until I was introduced to the new Petrol Bags Rolling DigiSuite.”

Vidali calls the bag “amazing,” for its construction and the rugged materials he knows will take the often-difficult set environments. “It’s also great protection for what is inside,” he says. “There is an incredible amount of space and the dividers allow me to configure it as needed. I could get everything I needed for the scout — cameras and accessories, a laptop and even a journal, card reader and various cables inside — without over packing and having the ability to access everything at a moment’s notice. It’s simply the best camera bag I’ve ever owned and will go everywhere with me in the future.”

The team behind Pull Over to Kill will begin shooting in November 2013 with the hope is to finish early 2014, in time to submit the project to major film festivals for screenings. Needless-to-say, Vidali’s new favorite Petrol Bags bag will shepherd his equipment through the production phase.

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