CHRLX Goes Big for Musselman’s New Product Launch


Last Updated: October 16, 2013 9:40 pm GMT
(New York, New York--October 16, 2013) How do you entertain consumers while letting them know that they’re getting 50% more applesauce in every cup? If you’re CHRLX, you treat the product like characters and inject as much personality into the commercials as possible.

For a new campaign for Musselman’s created via Brunner, the CHRLX team went photo-real, not hyperreal, to make the newly expanded applesauce containers come to life. “We’re talking about :15’s here, so each spot needed a quick opening hook followed by a fun, quick and simple pay-off,” says CHRLX Director Ryan Dunn, who directed the three-spot campaign.

In the first ad, “Raindrops” splash onto the Musselman’s cup, instigating a growth spurt. A second spot chronicles the “Odyssey” of the product in a fashion much more epic and grandiose than one might expect from a snack food. Finally, “Speech Bubbles” imagines a casual conversation between the original 4 oz. container and the newly buffed 6 oz. Big Cup.

“We treated this like tabletop photography as much as possible. If these were real products on set, how would they talk? Float? Grow? It was like directing in the traditional sense,” Dunn says, “we just happened to use CG cameras instead of real ones.”

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Project Credits
Client: Musselman’s
Spot Title(s): “Raindrops”, “Odyssey”, “Speech Bubbles”
First Air Date: 9/23/2013

Agency: Brunner
Creative Director: Jackie Murray
Art Director: Maria Bowers
Copywriter: Nicole Incardone
Producer: Matt Haritan

Production/Post-Production Company: CHRLX
Producer: Charles Philipp
Director: Ryan Dunn
Editor: John Zawisha
Creative Director: Matt Wilson
Lead Animator: Tony Tabtong
Animators: Ken Music, Eugen Sasu
Lead Lighting TD: James Fisher
Lighters: Frank Grecco, Denis Kozyrev
Texture Artists: Entae Kim, Frank Grecco, Yun Cho
Lead Modeler: Hung Kit Ma
Lead Character TD: Steve Mann
Compositor: Marc Goldfine, Shuyi Wu
3D Effects: Oliver Weingarten
Sound Designer: Mike Jansson
CG Supervisor: Salar Saleh


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