Sachtler Ace L Gives Sigman Edge for Special Content


Last Updated: October 17, 2013 2:55 am GMT
(Shelton, Connecticut--October 17, 2013) recently rolled out a new business model, where they screen movies online and offer supplemental content to the viewers. “It’s largely interviews with cast and crew about the creation of the film,” explains Ethan Sigman, President/CEO of 6180Entertainment. Sigman and team recently completed interviews with Casey Labow for Twilight, using Sachtler’s Ace L to support his camera package.

“When you are working with top talent, the stakes are raised on the shoot,” he says. “To be excessively efficient with celebrity time is a must — and that’s where the strength of the Sachtler Ace L was important to me. I had to pay attention to every detail to be sure that we could get our work done in the limited amount of time we had with the talent. The set-ups had to be organized meticulously to be able to make the schedule and get everything on the shot list.

“The Sachtler Ace L’s small form factor was what we needed,” he adds. “In the past, finding a top quality tripod that is also lightweight and durable has been difficult. We always had the option of using a huge tripod with a small camera but it was overkill from the equipment and budget perspective. But, when you are working quickly and always under pressure, the last thing you want is heavy, cumbersome equipment that takes time away from your creative process on set. The Ace moves nice and silky, like the real beefy Sachtler heads that earned Sachtler their legendary reputation over the years.”

For the Twilight interviews, Sigman decided to shoot in 4K on a Canon 1 DC with a 28-70 lens, pairing the package with the Ace L for portraits and green screen work. “It was equally valuable in each situation for different reasons,” he says. “The portraits were done with subtle camera moves that required precise and consistent movement. The shots were close-ups so any jerks or stutters would have been obvious. We could be sure that the Ace would move and handle like a pro-tripod should — smooth and predictable. The green screen work required a secure lock off. We were able to carefully set the frame and have confidence that the pan and tilt locks would not sag or drift throughout the setup.”

The recent interviews Sigman captured with the Ace L for Twilight, which reveal unique stories from set and behind-the-scenes information about the production, can be seen on-demand at under the Twilight series.

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Sachtler, founded in 1958 by cameraman Wendelin Sachtler, is a worldwide market leader for professional camera support systems for cinematography and television production, its name a symbol of top quality and reliability for decades. With an extensive range of camera support systems as well as a finely modulated product line of reportage lighting, Sachtler is the highly qualified partner for broadcast and film applications. Since 2000 Sachtler has been offering the artemis modular camera stabilizer system. With its numerous workshops and training sessions, the Wendelin Sachtler Academy has become a top address worldwide for invaluable know-how and the exchange of information, creating the ideal international platform for creative talents. Along with other leading brands in the broadcast and professional videographer industry, Sachtler is part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company. For more information on Sachtler, visit

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Vitec Videocom is an operating division within the Vitec Group, an international business serving customers in the broadcast, photographic and military aerospace and government markets. Vitec is based on strong, well known, premium brands on which its customers rely on worldwide.

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