How NVIDIA GPUs Helped Create Linkin Park's Virtual World


Last Updated: October 17, 2013 2:55 pm GMT
(Santa Clara, California--October 17, 2013) A virtual world. A virtual band. Linkin Park’s latest music video – for "A Light That Never Comes," collaboration with electro-house DJ Steve Aoki – puts viewers in an intricate cyberpunk landscape where everything, including the band, are rendered digitally.

Rather than traditional movie cameras, Brandon Parvini, creative director of Ghost Town Media in Los Angeles, used motion capture tools to build digital versions of the band members.

He then used a pair of Dell Precision workstations equipped with NVIDIA Quadro K6000 graphics cards to bring a virtual world to life around the band.

Thanks to his Quadro GPUs, Parvini could blaze through his work in Adobe After Effects and Element 3D, a GPU-accelerated After Effects plug-in.

The cutting-edge cards provided the speed – and the power – to bring Parvini’s vision to life on a tight deadline.

Best of all, when Parvini was done with a day’s work at the studio, he could take his work home on a Dell Precision M6700 mobile workstation.

The result: Parvini could enjoy life in the real world even as he was creating virtual ones.

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