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Last Updated: October 22, 2013 9:55 pm GMT
(Soho, London--October 22, 2013) In a move to further expand their capabilities, Vision3 has invested in a Mistika post production system from SGO to offer clients an advanced 3D post production pipeline for high level cinema productions in London. Vision3 now hosts a state-of-the-art cinema suite with Mistika and their bespoke shot management and workflow system integrated with SGO's technology. This will enable Vision3 to further develop the creative and narrative set-up that is the hallmark of their approach. Vision3 specialises in stereography within numerous fields of expertise such as studio and independent feature films, high-end natural history documentaries, IMAX, unique special events and commercials.

Chris Parks, Vision3's Founding Partner and Stereo Supervisor possesses both technical and creative stereoscopic experience spanning more than 20 years, with skills that encompass the full range of 3D expertise including direction, production, specialist film and special visual effects, from storyboarding through to production, post production and delivery. Chris states "Our reason for purchasing a Mistika system is to improve our ability to supervise the stereo on the Native, VFX and Conversion 3D projects that we work on, particularly studio productions such as Gravity which I recently finished supervising for Warner Brothers and which premièred at the Venice Film Festival. The film is an indication of the sort of high-end calibre projects we will be putting Mistika to work on, doing the Stereo 3D format full justice."

Founding Partner and Post Stereographer Angus Cameron founded Vision3 with Chris Parks in 2008 and has over 20 years of industry experience in VFX supervision, project management, digital pipeline development and creative and technical consultancy. He says "I have always been impressed with Mistika's stereo capabilities. Vision3 embracing Mistika makes sense allowing us to better interface with the numerous VFX and DI companies that we work with." Angus expands further with recent Mistika-related project examples "We recently worked on Inside the Mind of Leonardo an IWC Media feature documentary for Sky, as well as the BAFTA award-winning Flying Monsters with David Attenborough a key 3D programme for BSkyB that had to be produced to the highest possible standard. Vision3 are again working with Colossus Productions, supervising the stereo on the upcoming David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive where the Vision3 team will again be working closely with ONSIGHT. The toolset Mistika provides, in particular the Stereo 3D options, makes it the most powerful and interactive tool on the market when it comes to tackling high quality projects. It is important that Stereo 3D can be handled as efficiently as possible in post, to encourage programme makers to embrace the medium. Mistika is an important tool when it comes to making this a reality.”

SGO's Director of Global Sales and Operations, Geoff Mills confirms “The team at Vision3 demand the very best leading-edge solutions and Mistika is the perfect fit for them. Mistika provides not only a system they can tailor to their specific pipeline and toolset needs, but it also strengthens further the relationship with SGO, required as their business expands into new areas. With their well-respected presence in London, Vision3 set a great example of native and converted Stereo 3D excellence, and we are delighted that they have invested in our award winning technology."

The landscape of shooting in 3D is rapidly changing and evolving, and Vision3 are leaders of intelligent 3D methodologies and productions. Vision3 acts as the bridge between emerging stereoscopic technology and film and television productions shooting in 3D. Vision3's vision is that shooting in 3D should be idea-led, embracing the innovative set of narrative tools now available to directors and creative teams. Vision3 plays an integral role in pre-production where the company's stereographers and producers work closely with productions from the early concept stage, ensuring 3D is used to create original, exciting and fully immersive 3D productions. Vision3's stereographers and stereo teams have years of on-set practical experience working seamlessly alongside traditional 2D camera teams with a dynamic "tools for the job" philosophy ensuring the project and production schedules are not compromised by technology and that creativity is not stifled in the process. Vision3 holds a firm belief in the value of carrying a stereographers vision from set, into post production ensuring quality of the final product. They also offer bespoke and unbiased advice on suitable equipment, providing efficient and individually designed production workflow.

Other high profile projects Vision3 have worked on include 'Jack The Giant Slayer' (Warner Bros.), '’World War Z’ (Paramount) and ‘John Carter’ (Disney).

Directed by Alfonso Cuarón, Warner Bros. production Gravity is due for cinema release in the UK on 8th November 2013. The ambitious, edge-of-your-seat Sci-Fi thriller features Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, with over 80% of audiences choosing to see it in 3D, the highest percentage ever, beating both Avatar and Life of Pi. Vision3's Chris Parks acted as the film's Stereo Supervisor overseeing stereo work from Framestore, with additional Post Conversion Sequences at Prime Focus.

"Alfonso wanted to ensure 3D remained at the heart of the project from its inception. Throughout the production process we were able to use 3D in new and innovative ways, to take audiences to a place that they have never been before. In this film, we were really able to utilise 3D to change the audience's emotions and draw them deep into the experience of the lead characters." states Chris.

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