Hal Leonard Publishes "Beyond Mastering"


“This is the perfect trail guide for musicians, engineers and anyone else interested in how the universe of sound operates.” – Jovino Santos Neto, Brazilian American jazz pianist, composer, and arranger

Last Updated: October 23, 2013 6:55 am GMT
(Montclair, New Jersey--October 23, 2013) Hal Leonard, the musician’s best source of books on the music business, audio technology, instrument history and more, releases "Beyond Mastering," the highly anticipated second book by mastering engineer Steve Turnidge.

Beyond Mastering

In his first book, Desktop Mastering, Turnidge gave readers a tour of his unique approach to mastering, all the while providing glimpses of his mind-set and resulting workflow. Now, in Beyond Mastering, he unveils the physics and philosophy that drives the mastering engineer. He has found parallels between mastering music and mastering life, and he helps the reader to find the internal state required to achieve happiness and success.

Beyond Mastering is full of guiding principles gained from Turnidge's 25-plus years in art and technology. He expresses universal truths with a mix of anecdotes, analogies and metaphors, and reveals ways to truly enjoy work and be more productive when fully integrating your profession into the rest of your life.

The book is written for the audio enthusiast who wants to get a better handle on deeper aspects of the art and craft of mastering. It is also for people who enjoy reading philosophical ideas that extend beyond routine education, and for those who want to better understand the world of audio, frequency, and amplitude.

“Although it can seem impossible at times, we can make peace with the demands of making a living and our passion. We can make a life that includes everything we really need. For those who are paying attention to the doors that are opening, rather than the one that just closed, the book may be the way in.” - Frank Sheldon, Guitar Craft

“Steve was the first person to ever do mastering for me on my songs, and let me witness firsthand what his process could do to fix a multitude of sins on the original recordings… In this latest book, Beyond Mastering, the deeper part of Steve Turnidge’s mind comes out and shows incredible insight gleaned from this lifetime living inside of creative music and technology (technology that he not only owns and uses, but also has designed, invented, and sold around the world).” – Gordon Raphael, producer (The Strokes)

About the Author
Steve Turnidge is a noted mastering engineer at UltraViolet Studios with vast professional experience, a history of service in the international audio community, an entrepreneurial outlook that utilizes all available levels of technology, an intellect that finds incredible keys to universal truths and insights, and scores of albums and thousands of licensed music tracks to his credit. Turnidge also has an electronics background as a designer for Rane Corporation, and he currently designs and fabricates modular hardware synthesizers at Synthwerks, as well as guitar pedals for Pigtronix.

Beyond Mastering
$24.99 (US), Inventory #HL 00333850
ISBN: 9781458474513, Width: 5.5" Length: 7.75" 262 pages
More information at http://www.halleonardbooks.com


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