Bluefish444 and Netstor Provide the Perfect Solution Enabling Thunderbolt Connected Computers to Access High-Quality Video I/O


Last Updated: October 23, 2013 2:55 am GMT
(Taipei, Taiwan--October 23, 2013) Bluefish444 and Netstor Technology are happy to announce the full compatibility between Bluefish video cards including Create|3D Ultra, Create|3D, Create|HD, Epoch|4K Supernova & Supernova S+ with Netstor's Thunderbolt™ PCIe expansion series NA211TB and NA211TB-LD. Through a single Thunderbolt™ connection, high-performance video I/O processing is effortlessly enabled to any Thunderbolt™ capable Mac or PC by the seamless integration between Bluefish444 video cards and Netstor Thunderbolt™ PCIe expansion chassis.

Netstor's NA211TB supports up to 3 PCIe slots via Thunderbolt™ and when combined with Bluefish444 video cards, professional video I/O workflows like 3D animation, film and television post production and editing become available on Thunderbolt™ enabled Macs'.

Netstor's NA211TB-LD is the first-ever, revolutionary Thunderbolt™ enclosure to provide the powerful capability of combining storage and PCIe expansion function together. The combined solution of Netstor Thunderbolt™ chassis with Bluefish444 video cards not only provides flexible workflows, it lowers hardware investment costs, expands the video I/O capabilities and increase the performance of a user's Thunderbolt™ enabled Mac.

“Bluefish444 has worked closely with Netstor to qualify SDI I/O support for Thunderbolt connectivity” said Tom Lithgow, Bluefish444 Product Specialist “The combination of Netstor's expansion chassis and Bluefish444 video cards and our unrivaled AVID, Adobe, and Assimilate application support, truly provides the Professionals' Choice for Thunderbolt™ workflows.”

About Bluefish444
Founded in 1998, Bluefish444 is a division and brand name of Bluefish Technologies Pty Ltd., which is based in S. Melbourne, Australia. Its products are distributed via an extensive sales channel of OEMs, dealers, and system integrators globally. For further information, visit

About Netstor
Netstor Technology focuses on the development of products on external SAS/SATA data storage and aims to provide users with reliable, cost-effective and high-performance SAS/SATA data backup solutions. Netstor develops complete storage product lines from desktop tower to 5U 48-bay rackmount disk array enclosures. Netstor has a worldwide distribution network covering IT, audio/video, telecom, DVR, CCTV, digital content creation, and educational, scientific industries. For more information about Netstor, please visit


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