Turner Sports Features Dynamic “TrussCam” from Pictorvision in 2013 MLB Postseason Coverage


Last Updated: October 24, 2013 3:55 am GMT
(Van Nuys, California--October 24, 2013) Starting with the NLCS playoffs earlier this month, and through the St. Louis Cardinals versus LA Dodgers on October, 16, TBS premiered the TrussCam from Pictorvision in the Los Angeles and Atlanta ballparks to provide a uniquely compelling vantage point for their Major League Baseball post-season coverage. A new one-of-a-kind technology, TrussCam features a camera mounted on a completely wireless trolley, which runs on a 200-foot track just outside the outfield wall. The gyro-stabilized camera provides 360-degree views of the action and stable close-up coverage all the way to home plate.

Turner Sports Features Dynamic “TrussCam” from Pictorvision in 2013 MLB Postseason Coverage

TrussCam’s versatility allowed TBS to get creative with one of the few truly dynamic camera angles available to them. With the exception of a roaming handheld camera on the field and in the stands, baseball is primarily covered with static cameras. With the new gyro-stabilized camera just 7 feet above field level, viewers get a unique perspective, and the camera motion—travelling from one side of the outfield to the other—brings the post season TV coverage to life in a way never before seen. The executives at TBS have been so impressed with the new technology and its potential; they have secured exclusive rights to TrussCam for the 2013 MLB post season coverage.

TrussCam uniquely runs on standard truss which is available most anywhere in the world from local staging companies so no expensive custom tracks or rails are needed. Distinctive curves behind the outfield wall are no problem to install, and because the trolley is completely wireless, track lengths as long as a mile or more are possible. Additionally, the stabilized camera head compensates for any imperfections where the pieces of truss are joined, making track set up fast and easy. With a battery life of 4 hours on average, runtime is ample to cover any standard game. What’s more, according to Pictorvision President Tom Hallman, “The fact that TrussCam can run up to 30 MPH makes it the perfect rail system for sports coverage.”

Manufactured, in Germany by Special Camera Systems, Pictorvision is the exclusive rental supplier of TrussCam in North America. For more information on its capabilities, or to attend the TrussCam demo day on October 30 2013, contact Tom Hallman at Thallman@pictorvision.com.


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