Beijing Film Academy chooses Pablo Rio for S3D animation


China's largest film school invests in Quantel again

Last Updated: October 25, 2013 3:55 am GMT
(Newbury, United Kingdom--October 25, 2013) China's highly prestigious Beijing Film Academy has purchased a Quantel Pablo Rio color correction and finishing system with a Neo Nano color panel. The turnkey system will be used by the school's animation department for the post-production of Stereo3D animation films. Beijing Film Academy has also purchased SynthIA, Quantel's standalone software package that provides high quality S3D Interaxial adjustment in post.

Pablo Rio is Quantel's high-quality color and finishing system that provides the ultimate productive workflow for 2D and S3D projects. Capable of handling 4K 60p in realtime, Pablo Rio runs on high performance PC hardware and exploits NVIDIA Maximus multi-GPU technology to deliver true interactivity and maximum productivity.

Mr Sun Lijun, VP at Beijing Film Academy, said, "We have had Quantel systems in house for many years and we are continually impressed with their speed, user-friendliness and high quality color, finishing and S3D toolsets. We are always looking to provide our students with the best post systems on the market and with Pablo Rio our students have the ultimate post-production workflow to maximise creativity and productivity."

Quantel Sales Director, Martin Mulligan, said, "We are honoured that the highly respected Beijing Film Academy has once again chosen Quantel technology for its students - some of the industry's most promising creative talent - to develop high-quality S3D content."

About Quantel
Quantel is a world-leading developer of innovative, high performance content creation and delivery systems across post, broadcast and Stereo3D. We are driven by a passion to create the most open and efficient tools for the digital age. Quantel's product range unites the very best IT technology with brilliant software. Products include: Pablo Rio software color correction and finishing systems; Enterprise sQ fast-turnaround production systems; Mission media asset management; QTube global media workflow products; revolutionQ software services delivering fast-turnaround workflow; and a full range of professional services. All Quantel systems deliver the creative, productive and profitable workflows that give post houses and broadcasters the edge they need to thrive and grow in today's highly competitive global media market.

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