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Killerkeys Pro & Companion Ipad App Now Available

Last Updated: October 30, 2013 9:55 pm GMT
(Burbank, California--October 30, 2013) Bella Corporation today announced that KillerKeys Pro for Windows and the companion KillerKeys Pro iPad App are now available. The company is also offering pre-orders for the Mac version of KillerKeys Pro. Prior to the shipment of the Mac version, both the Windows and Mac version are being offered with an introductory savings of 50% off the MSRP.

KillerKeys Pro & the KillerKeys Pro iPad App

The KillerKeys desktop application has been upgraded to KillerKeys Pro, and now offers the ability to use an iPad to present and send the shortcuts for practically any application you’re in. With the iPad connected to a desktop or laptop computer using Wi-Fi, the iPad becomes the ultimate input device, automatically switching to the shortcuts for the application you are using.

With a database of over 30,000 shortcuts, you can simply touch a shortcut to execute it, rather than having to remember complicated key combinations or digging through menus. The iPad app offers complete control over the computer with a built-in track pad and a PC spec keyboard. The custom iPad keyboard also has a VR mode, where shortcuts are shown on top of each key, complete with color coding.

KillerKeys Pro includes shortcuts for everything from graphics, design, video and engineering to accounting and finance applications. The database is constantly being updated with shortcuts for the latest applications, such as Microsoft Office 2013 and Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products.

Both the desktop and iPad App are easy to use with drag and drop of shortcuts, built-in search and a host of customization options.

KillerKeys Pro iPad App – Key Features
  • Displays shortcuts for the application you are working in on Workspaces

  • Custom PC spec keyboard displays shortcuts for the application you are working in using the VR mode.

  • Remote control of your computer using Wi-Fi

  • Trackpad with pinch to zoom and scroll function

  • Customizable Quick Launch for programs installed on your computer

  • Customizable backgrounds and shortcut key looks

  • Search

  • Active App switching

  • System volume control

  • Customizable widgets including multimedia, number pad, zoom and system volume.

KillerKeys Pro Desktop Application – Key Features
  • Displays shortcuts for the application you are working in on shortcut palettes

  • Search

  • Hiding & Filtering of shortcuts

  • Profiles
  • Customizable backgrounds and shortcut key looks
  • Customizable fonts and colors

  • Customizable transitions

  • Macros

Part of the KillerKeys Family of Products
KillerKeys Pro and the KillerKeys Pro iPad App are part of a family of KillerKeys products. The products include KillerKeys Express and the KillerKeys Express iPad App as well as KillerKeys VR application for Mac.

A sample of the more than 100 applications supported are:
  • Microsoft Office shortcuts including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook

  • The entire Adobe Creative Cloud keyboard shortcuts including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat

  • Intuit keyboard shortcuts for Quickbooks, Quicken, Lacerte and Pro Series tax software
  • Avid keyboard shortcuts for Media Composer and ProTools

  • AutoDesk keyboard shortcuts for Maya, 3D Studio Max (3DS Max) as well as AutoCAD

  • Cloud based applications including keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Office 365, Gmail, Twitter, and Zoho Office.

About Bella Corporation
Bella Corporation provides time-saving tools to home through professional videographers, gamers, and creative content producers. The products are available directly from Bella Corporation or from a variety of dealers located throughout the world. For more information visit: Bella also produces KillerKeys software, which makes memorizing keyboard shortcuts a thing of the past. For more information on KillerKeys, visit


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