Roland Systems Group Expands Audio Recorder Line-up with the New AR-3000SD


Last Updated: October 31, 2013 2:55 am GMT
(Los Angeles, California--October 31, 2013) Roland Systems Group adds the Roland AR-3000SD to their popular line of announcement recorders/players. The new AR-3000SD provides new advanced sound quality and features with expanded compatibility that includes programmable timers, network efficiency, support for multiple playback and control formats, plus support for high quality audio formats up to 24-bit and 96 kHz.

The Roland AR series of recorder/players are very dependable and widely installed in train stations, airports, shopping malls, amusement parks, broadcast stations and museums around the world. Their mission critical functions serves in a variety of capacities such as broadcast announcements in airports, TV, radio, navigation guidance in shopping malls, sound design for amusement rides, and for automated productions in event venues and showrooms.

Key features include:

• 24-bit recording and playback at 96 kHz for higher sound quality
• Built-in yearly programmable timer
• LAN control with web server functionality
• External control of playback using the connection terminals
• AR Series Card Data Editor, ARE-3000
• Optional highly durable 4GB SD/SDHC Memory Card using SLC (Single Level Cell)

The AR-3000SD is the next generation digital recorder/player that features a new programmable timer and LAN control with web server functionality enabling settings and control from anywhere. The AR-3000SD lets you pick the optimal playback schemes for the application or system setup you’re using letting you control from the input connector or RS-232 port on the back. There are five different playback types that include direct, program, binary, computer and MIDI as well as loop and repeat options.

The AR-3000SD can be an integral component of a larger installed system. Improved external controls of the AR can be achieved using switch-based audio guidance, sensor-activated guide narration, computer, phrase playback and timecode using MIDI or control over a network. The AR-3000SD can also control external devices such as playback of music on MIDI instruments, turning on amps or other devices, group control of lighting, linking audio to video playback or switching audio over a network.

The AR-3000SD supports a variety of audio formats for recording and playback. It has AES/EBU allowing for output of high-quality digital audio. For storage, SD or Compact Flash memory cards are supported with two virtual cards that lets you record 2,000 phrases. Playback and recorded files are uncompressed WAV and MP3 formats and up to 24-bit 96 kHz.

For more information about the Roland AR-3000SD visit The AR-3000SD will be available in Q2, 2014.

Roland Systems Group U.S. (RSG) supplies the commercial and performance audio/video industries with application specific equipment from ROLAND professional audio and video product lines. These product lines address applications for houses of worship, studios, clubs/casinos, theaters/performing arts centers, production houses and rental and staging companies. Roland Systems Group U.S. is located in Los Angeles, CA, and is a member of the worldwide group of Roland companies. For more information, visit or call 800-380-2580


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