Union’s Einar Brings California Dreamers Together


Visit California Spot Via MeringCarson, Room Service, Features Shatner, Machado and More

Last Updated: November 1, 2013 5:55 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--November 1, 2013) California has long been celebrated for its diverse topography and its role as the nation’s dream factory. These qualities are captured with beauty - and humor - in “Dreamers,” airing now. Created via MeringCarson, directed by Chace Strickland of Room Service and cut by Einar of bicoastal Union Editorial, the spot features singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles, pro skateboarder Big Bob Burnquist, pro surfer Rob Machado, Olympic Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings and national treasure William Shatner showcasing the many offerings of the Golden State.

“After years of working with MeringCarson and VCA, Einar has a real sense of the California Lifestyle and Attitude that is reflected in his editing,” said agency Head of Broadcast Liz Ross. “His passion for music and its prominence during the edit process sets him apart and pushes the boundaries, which results in fun collaborative experience and a great final product.”

Strickland acknowledged that the sheer volume of footage from 9 days of shooting in myriad formats - A-cam, B-cam, mini-helicopter cam, time-lapse-cam - created editorial challenges. “It was all dropped onto the laps of Einar’s team to find that magical :60 seconds of footage to be played worldwide,” Strickland said. “And they pulled it off in spades.”

“Pulling selects was a long process,” Einar concurred. “However, once I began to edit, it became a blessing. I was never wanting for coverage and the footage was so stunning that the only concern became deciding what to lose.”

“Einar is the best I’ve ever worked with,” the director concluded. “He looks like Dirty Harry and edits like Harry Potter.”

“Dreamers” broke October 21 with a :30 broadcast version and a :60 version online.

Union’s Einar Brings California Dreamers Together

Project Credits
Client: Visit California
Spots Title(s): Dreamers :60 (web), :30 (broadcast)
First Air Date: 10/21/2013

Agency/Location: MeringCarson / Sacramento, CA
Creative Directors: Dave Mering, Greg Carson
Art Director: Rob Petrie
Copywriter: Kerry Krasts
Agency Producer: Liz Ross

Production Company: Room Service / LA
Director: Chace Strickland
DP: Kris Kachikis
EP(s): Kelly Amato, Eric Bonniot
Producer: Kelly Amato

Editorial Company: Union Editorial / LA
Editor: Einar
Assistant Editor: Zack Kashkett
President/EP: Michael Raimondi
Sr. Producer: Joe Ross

Telecine Company: CO3 / LA
Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld

Post/Effects Company: resolution LA
VFX Artist(s): Todd Iorio, Evan Guidera, Maury Rosenfeld

Music Company/Location: Yessian
Composer: Michael Yessian

Audio Post: resolution LA
Mixer: Milos Zivkovic


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