BlackcamSystems Add Dynamic Action to Fashion Runway Productions


Last Updated: November 1, 2013 8:55 pm GMT
(Germany--November 1, 2013) BlackcamSystem’s remote-controlled camera tracking systems are gaining popularity for their ability to capture unique vantage points for the new wave of high-profile fashion runway productions. By building the Blackcam track either into the set above the runway, or into the runway floor, the system travels around the action, providing striking close-ups from all angles. So now even the models’ footsteps are captured with dynamic camera moves.

BlackcamSystems Add Dynamic Action to Fashion Runway Productions.

BlackcamSystem’s original B40 is integral in shooting “Germany’s Next Top Model by Heidi Klum.” Built into the TV show’s runway on a circular track that spans the width of the runway, the B40 system rotates and records the models as they strut, stop, and pose for the judges. BlackcamSystem has even customized the color of the remote head to match the set design.

BlackcamSystem is also responsible for the dynamic shots at the “Boss Black Fashion Show in Beijing.” The show used the B20 system with a Bradley U3 remote head and 2 Modula Baby MKII cameras for 3D live stream, all travelling along a 45m long track to shoot the models.

Blackcam was there to get great images at the “Denim Religion Show,” the opening act last year for the Bread & Butter fashion event in Berlin. BlackcamSystem founder Thomas Janze directed the live stream of the “Denim Religion Show” produced by Daumenkino & ifbbw, using the B40 and 50m long, straight track. The director’s cut for the “Denim Religion Show” can be seen at

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