Beamr to Showcase High Definition Media Optimization Technology at AWS re: Invent Conference


The company's Media Optimization Products Enable Unrivaled User Experience and Cost Efficiencies By Reducing Video Bandwidth and Image File Size

Last Updated: November 15, 2013 2:55 am GMT
(Tel-Aviv, Israel--November 15, 2013) Developers and technical leaders attending Amazon Web Services' (AWS) annual global customer and partner conference: AWS: re:Invent 2013, November 12-15th in Las Vegas, Nevada, can experience Beamr's suite of media optimization technologies at booth 826.

"AWS provides its customers around the world with compelling technology that allows them to focus on their business," said Beamr CEO Sharon Carmel. "Beamr is committed to raising the bar on image and video quality, and overcoming the inherent bandwidth challenges presented by current infrastructure designs while simultaneously improving user experience."

Executives from Beamr will be at booth 826 to demonstrate the JPEGmini Photo Server, available now on the AWS Marketplace, and Beamr Video, currently available for installation on-premise or in the cloud.

A highly flexible and scalable solution for cloud video and photo optimization, Beamr's products can be used by AWS customers, from small websites to very large online services. Beamr's media optimization products include:

JPEGmini Server

JPEGmini photo optimization technology, capable of reducing image file sizes by up to 5x while retaining their full resolution and quality, is available on the AWS Marketplace at The JPEGmini Photo Server allows AWS customers to reduce the load time of image-intensive web pages, improving monetization and user experience, while cutting down on storage and bandwidth costs.

JPEGmini reduces image file sizes by up to 5x (80%) while maintaining the original quality, resulting in visually identical JPEG files, fully compatible with any browser, photo software or device that supports the standard JPEG format.

JPEGmini Photo Server's newly released REST API enables customers to automate their image optimization tasks by sending and receiving photos to and from their JPEGmini Photo Server instances.

Beamr Video

Voted "Best of Show" at the recent International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) (LINK) by TV Europe,;jsessionid=217965929301319BBA6A215342D0BD05#.UoJPVJRgZlp Beamr Video enables smooth delivery of HD video at speed and quality levels never before imaginable, by automatically reducing the bitrate of any H.264 video stream by up to 50 percent without affecting perceptual quality or altering the format of the original stream.

Beamr Video significantly reduced bitrates to enable internet content providers, network operators, on-demand video services and over-the-top (OTT) service providers to distribute exceptionally high quality video with faster downloads and smoother streaming on bandwidth constrained connections. Beamr Video produces fully compliant H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) video streams and is device agnostic, making high quality video accessible from any media player, browser or consumer devices such as smartphones or tablets, without installing additional software.

About Beamr
Beamr ( ) is an innovative private company comprised of the world's leading imaging scientists, veterans of the Israeli technology industry who are also successful entrepreneurs. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Beamr is focused on improving the quality, speed and user experience of photo and video sharing.


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