Glue Tools, LLC announces new AVID AMA plugins are now available for both ARRIRAW and Phantom CIne files


Last Updated: November 22, 2013 7:25 pm GMT
(Santa Barbara, California--November 22, 2013) Glue Tools, LLC announces new AVID AMA Plugins are now available - ARRIRAW AMA and Phantom Cine AMA for both Mac and Windows.

ARRIRAW AMA for Avid can load and play native ".ari" files directly inside Avid. This plugin will perform all of the importing, playback, debayer, white balancing, and color correction functions to the ARRIRAW image sequence. Because the footage is completely raw, you have full access to the meta data and the color science that the camera hardware uses. You can modify the color of each individual shot non-destrucively, leaving the original raw files unchanged. ARRIRAW AMA for Avid demo is available at

Phantom Cine AMA for Avid allows you to work with Phantom ".cine" raw files natively in Avid Media Composer, without rendering or transcoding. On supported systems, you will be able to playback, edit or transcode the Raw files with ease. Adjust the color of the image, using the very same color controls that are used on the camera hardware. Phantom Cine AMA for Avid demo is available at

Products are currently available through Glue Tools’ website: ARRIRAW AMA for Avid is available for $499 and Phantom Cine AMA is available for $399.

Why use Raw files?
With Glue Tools' plugins, you can save a significant amount of time by not needing to render or pre-process footage to view on the timeline and you can play back the files in real time. Raw files are flexible and give you significantly more options. You don't bake anything in so you can make color changes as needed. In addition, 4k high dynamic range televisions are coming to homes sooner then one may think. Viewers will want to see content that takes advantage of the TV's capabilities.

Glue Tools, LLC is a California-based company that builds Software Tools for the Motion Picture/Television and Commercial industries. Glue Tools specializes in creating essential Macintosh utilities that seamlessly and efficiently interface with high-end camera systems, post-production tools, and footage to optimize artists’ workstations.


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