Union’s Eric Argiro Cuts and Choreographs Covergirl “Crave”


Created via GREY, Installation Adorns Times Square, LA Live

Last Updated: November 25, 2013 6:21 pm GMT
(New York & Los Angeles, United States--November 25, 2013) What began as a single spot assignment expanded not only into a multiple platform project but a multiple screen adventure for editor Eric Argiro of bicoastal Union,(http://www.unioneditorial.com/) whose work for Covergirl and GREY Advertising is currently running on the American Eagle building in Times Square and at LA Live. Argiro cut the initial commercial, a :30 beauty spot cross-promoting "THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE" that premiered on the MTV VMA’s. That was followed by a theatrical version to run in theaters during showings of the highly anticipated second film of the "HUNGER GAMES" franchise. Argiro next devised an editorial plan for a host of additional elements that had to be incorporated into separate pieces for Times Square and LA Live. Those installations went live November 1. The projects were directed by Daniel Jackson of The Bees and Honey.

“It was a lot of fun to push ourselves to think out of the 16x9 box and I'm grateful that GREY gave me the opportunity,” said Argiro. “As a native New Yorker, the chance to see my work up on the big screens in Times Square really has special meaning for me.” For both Times Square and LA Live, Argiro relished the challenge of bringing another dimension of editing into play in terms of concept as well as movement and composition. “Conceptually, we wanted to feature different ‘district looks’ throughout the piece,” he explained. “We wanted them to have a cohesion and not just come up randomly with no story.” The challenge was to have the elements be aesthetically pleasing independently and in concert. The undertaking is something Union Partner/Executive Producer Caryn Maclean described as “a feat of choreography and timing”.

Both the Times Square and LA Live installations presented new and unique technical challenges for Argiro and After Effects artist Chris Bialkowski. “We had to think of LA Live as an installation/interactive piece,” Argiro said. “Using 3D models, we took into account the spatial area that the viewer is in. With well over two dozen screens of different shapes and sizes throughout the LA Live area, we needed to set a mood and create a feeling of harmony.” For Times Square, the team plugged edits into their 3D models. This helped not only the editor but the client, allowing them to visualize the end product. To accommodate the unique screen shapes of both buildings, Argiro and Bialkowski created the project in Avid, constructing the edits from mattes and models, timing the sequences before bringing them into After Effects.

Of the final results, now being seen onsite by thousands daily, Argiro concluded, “My parents are MUCH more impressed with seeing something I've made in Times Square than all the national commercials I've worked on combined. I think maybe I am, too.”

Union Editorial has offices in Santa Monica, CA, New York City, and London, where it maintains an alliance with Marshall Street Editors. The company is presided over by Partner/Executive Producers Michael Raimondi and Caryn Maclean. The Union roster is comprised of Partner/Editors Jim Haygood, Einar, Jay Friedkin, Sloane Klevin, and editors Nico Alba, Jinx Godfrey, Nicholas Wayman-Harris, Rachael Waxler, Daniel Luna, Jason Lucas, Laura Milstein, Marco Perez, Eric Argiro, Mike Colao, Lawrence Young, and select projects with Jono Griffith and Alex Hagon.

Union’s Eric Argiro Cuts and Choreographs Covergirl “Crave”

Project Credits
Client: P & G
Brand: Covergirl

Agency: GREY
Executive Creative Director: Mark Fina
Executive Creative Director: Alice Ericsson
Art Director: Lindsey Katon
Copywriter: Nicole Handler
Executive Producer: Stacy Towle
Producer: Jimmy Wade
SVP Account Director: Seema Patel
VP Account Director: Ernesto James
Account Supervisor: Lindsey Kantarian
Account Executive: Courtney Cornelius

Production Co: The Bees and Honey
Director: Daniel Jackson

Post Production: Union Editorial
Editor: Eric Argiro
Executive Producer: Caryn Maclean
Producer: Susan Motamed
After Effects: Chris Bialkowski

Beauty Clean Up & Typography: Box Studios


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