CHRLX Launches New Cheerios Campaign Into the Air via Saatchi & Saatchi NY


Last Updated: December 4, 2013 10:12 am GMT
(New York, United States--December 4, 2013) Created via Saatchi & Saatchi NY with CHRLX and their director Ryan Dunn, “Spoon” tells the story of three acrobatic Cheerios springing skyward toward a healthy breakfast.

“We tried to obey the laws of physics as much as possible while bringing these otherwise inanimate objects to life,” said Dunn. “By keeping the movements physically realistic, we put the focus squarely on believable storytelling and performances.”

Like actors in a short film, the Cheerios needed to be humanized. “I wanted a way to identify, and identify with, our hero Cheeri-o, so we gave him a slightly more heart-shaped center than the others,” said Dunn of the nuances and details that make “Spoon” so effective.

As with any food, the Cheerios had to be appetizing. Dunn credits his animators and lighting team with having created “a straight-forward and photographic treatment of the Cheerios in their signature yellow world.”

Cheerios Spoon from CHRLX on Vimeo.

Project Credits
Brand: Cheerios / General Mills
Title: Spoon

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi NY
Chief Creative Officer: Conway Williamson
Executive Creative Director: Peter Smith
Creative Director: Johnnie Ingram
Art Director: Travis Vargas
Director of Broadcast Production: John Doris
Senior Producer: Melissa Bemis
Director of Music: Eric Korte

Production Company: CHRLX
Director: Ryan Dunn
Senior Producer: Christine DoRego
Smoke Artist: John Zawisha
CG Supervisor: Salar Saleh
Lead Modeler: Hungkit Ma
Modelers/Texture Artists: Yun Cho, Denis Kozyrev, Eric Schnell
Rigger: Steve Mann
Animator: Tony Tabtong
Lighting Lead: James Fisher
Lighters: Denis Kozyrev, Yun Cho

Music Production Company: The Lodge
Composer: Jason & Jens
Mixer: Colin Thibadeau
Executive Producer: Sallie Moore
Producer: Colin Thibadeau


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