GLOOKAST Introduces MediaRetriever Providing “Partial Restore” Functionality


Last Updated: December 5, 2013 4:26 pm GMT
(Davie, Florida--December 5, 2013) GLOOKAST, an innovator in MXF workflow applications, today announced a new addition to its product line -- MediaRetriever. MediaRetriever provides the ability to do “partial restore” operations on content that is managed by Avid® Interplay®.

MediaRetriever allows users of Avid Interplay PAM to keep their low res files on Avid ISIS® and park their high res files on lower cost third party nearline storage. Low res files are online and immediately available for editing. In the past when high res finishing was performed, the entire clip had to be retrieved when parked on third party nearline solutions. This is not only time consuming but costly since space is at a premium on production storage using Avid ISIS. MediaRetriever removes the necessity of consuming potentially terabytes of production disk storage by restoring only the portions of the clips that are required. The partial restore mechanism allows handles to be placed on each side of the retrieved clip. The retrieved clip is then checked into Avid Interplay and stored on the Avid ISIS platform.

“We are excited about the cost and time saving benefits that MediaRetriever provides by allowing new or existing Avid Interplay PAM users to expand their storage with lower cost nearline storage while maintaining a seamless workflow for the editing staff,” said Edel Garcia, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing.

GLOOKAST has also collaborated with its technical partner, Object Matrix by tightly integrating MediaRetriever functionality (at an API level) to the MatrixStore nearline platform. “The new partial restore functionality introduced by our partnership with GLOOKAST is very exciting and is a natural extension of the workflows that allow our customers to work with lower resolution clips on their production storage -- safe in the knowledge that the high resolution clips are protected in the MatrixStore nearline archive” stated Nick Pearce, co-founder, Object Matrix.

MediaRetriever rounds out the GLOOKAST family of products that fit into diverse workflows:
  • GLOOBOX Capturer is an SDI-based solution that allows the creation and ingest of up to three simultaneous resolutions (low resolution, working resolution, and finishing resolution).

  • GLOOBOX Ingester is a multi-destination, template driven file-based ingest solution with multi-stream, multi-resolution, and multi-codec capabilities. © 2013 GLOOKAST. All rights reserved

  • GLOOBOX Contributor extends the Ingester functionality to the capture of digital media from mobile device applications.

  • GLOOBOX Moover offers a software-only solution for inter-platform secure file transfers and outgest workflows.

MediaRetriever is now available through GLOOKAST’s worldwide network of resellers. The partial restore option for InterConnect from Object Matrix will be available for demonstration and sale in January of 2014.

GLOOKAST develops innovative, modular, and highly customizable tools, which allow the design and implementation of true multi-format, multi-resolution, and multi-vendor digital content workflows.


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