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Upgrades to Blade 2.5 to support 128 Vicon cameras

Last Updated: December 10, 2013 6:25 pm GMT
(Vancouver, Canada--December 10, 2013) Enabled by a recent upgrade to Vicon’s Blade 2.5 motion capture software, The Capture Lab has more than doubled the size of its motion capture volume to create the largest entertainment capture stage in the world. The increased functionality of Blade 2.5 allows The Capture Lab to deploy 128 Vicon cameras, covering a massive 50’x130’x15’ volume, through one aggregated system.

“The familiar, user-friendly interface has facilitated the adoption of Blade 2.5 at The Capture Lab,” said Jeremy McCarron, director of strategy at The Capture Lab. “The incredible Axiom engine has also improved our real-time display and increased our pre-visualization capabilities, allowing directors to see the animation, characters, props and set pieces ‘in camera’ and to focus on achieving their creative vision instead of wondering if they got the shot.”

Vicon’s Blade software enables effective production pipelines and workflow efficiencies, with solid real-time performance, and integrates seamlessly with Vicon’s T-Series and Bonita camera ranges. For fast-turnaround material, Blade’s QuickPost feature allows users to automate the post processing workflow, including reconstruction, labelling, occlusion fixing and solving, reducing the need for time-intensive manual clean up.

The Capture Lab opted for Vicon based on its accuracy and stability: “Vicon’s motion capture system is robust enough to stand up to the rigors of production,” continued McCarron. “With the sheer volume of production data that we capture, we rely on the cameras, software and hardware to perform together flawlessly, every time. Downtime isn’t an option, and Vicon’s system keeps us up and running.”

Since 1996 The Capture Lab has contributed to more than 200 high-end productions in animation, video games and visual effects. “We need to focus on production and getting amazing animation into our customers’ hands, so the on-going support Vicon offers is invaluable,” added McCarron. “Whether loaning us equipment during routine maintenance, consulting on pipeline efficiencies, or helping us develop new technologies, Vicon has been an important part of The Capture Lab’s success.”

About The Capture Lab
The Capture Lab is the world’s largest motion capture facility, providing motion and likeness capture, facial animation, and virtual cinematography services to the animation, visual effects, and video game development industries, worldwide. For more information, please visit,, and

About Vicon
Academy Award®-winning Vicon is the world’s largest supplier of precision motion tracking systems and match-moving software. It serves customers in CG animation, film, visual effects, computer games, broadcast television, as well as engineering and life sciences industries.

Vicon is a subsidiary of OMG (Oxford Metrics Group - LSE: OMG), plc., a group of technology companies that produces image understanding solutions for the entertainment, defence, life sciences and engineering markets. Other holdings include: 2d3, a manufacturer of specialised image understanding software for defence applications; Yotta, a provider of software and services for infrastructure asset management; and OMG Life, a new consumer subsidiary.

Among many others, Vicon and OMG global clients include:
Entertainment: Audiomotion, The Imaginarium, Quantic Dream, SEGA, Konami, Activision, Sony, Dreamworks, ILM and USC

Life sciences: Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre - Oxford, Headley Court, University of Western Australia, Adidas, Digital Human Research Centre - Japan, Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare, Shriners, Marquette, UMich and Red Bull

Engineering: European Space Agency, BMW, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research – South Africa, ETH Zurich, Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology, NRL, UPENN GRASP, MIT, Ford and General Motors

For more information about OMG and its subsidiaries, visit:,,,,, or


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