Cooking Channel's "Holiday Card" from Juniper Jones Features Network's Top Talents


Last Updated: December 10, 2013 6:28 pm GMT
(Brooklyn, New York--December 10, 2013) Cooking Channel recently released a new promotional "Holiday Card" featuring many of its top talents, including (in order of appearance) Roger Mooking, Chuck Hughes, Gabriele Corcos, Debi Mazar, Bobby Deen, Kelsey Nixon, G. Garvin and Mo Rocca.

The :60 on-air spot was produced by the network's chief marketers with the creative force Juniper Jones ( and its founder and creative director Kevin Robinson.

"Cooking Channel's creative director for on-air promotion Crissy Shropshire gave us the briefing for the project," Robinson began. "To create a holiday image spot using all of their mainstream talent from various shows, they asked us to create a 'Winter Wonderland' that fit their brand and personalities. We went to some pretty great lengths to produce a spot with a fun, artistic feel that reflected each of the talents' unique personalities."

For the production, the producers and talents came together at Brooklyn's Broadway Stages, where one main challenge was building a single set that would accommodate shooting all the talent scenarios they'd envisioned in the limited time they had available with each star (which was about one hour apiece). With production designer Scott Sicari and illustrator Bryce Wymer, Robinson and his colleagues designed and then constructed a theatrical stage set, which they built to be able to be moved in and out very quickly for each star's vignettes.

Additional members of the Juniper Jones production team were executive producer Susie Shuttleworth, head of production Ryan McRee, director of photography Joe Arcidiancono, line producer Mike Michelin and storyboard artist Adrian Hashimi. One RED Epic digital cinema system was used for principal photography.

"Together with Cooking Channel's executives we worked out some pretty fun actions for the talent," Robinson continued. "We helped secure rights to the 'A Marshmallow World' song, and our creative approach was very much tied to the mood of that track. Although we shot all the talent at different times, we wanted them to feel connected, and our editor Eli Mavros did a great job of using the action-match shots we created on set to neatly knit the story together." In its studio, the Juniper Jones artists also used Adobe After Effects for clean-up and to add snow effects, and DaVinci Resolve for final color.

For Cooking Channel, along with Crissy Shropshire, credit goes to SVP marketing, creative and brand strategy Susie Fogelson, VP brand creative and production Peter Risafi, writer/producer Erin White, design director Aaron McDannell, director of production & operations Travis McGhie, production manager Theresa Canlas, production coordinator Karen Fea, and SVP/GM Michael Smith.

The new spot will air all month on the network, and it's also appearing on Cooking Channel's YouTube channel at The spot can also be seen on the Juniper Jones website with a "Behind the Scenes" presentation.

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