Lifetime TV & Roger Pay Homage To A-Ha’s Classic “Take On Me” Video For “Dance Moms”


Last Updated: December 13, 2013 10:54 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--December 13, 2013) Continuing its fun ‘80s streak after the hilarious "Maniac" spot for "Dance Moms," LA-based mixed-media production studio Roger reunited with Lifetime TV to create a new spot for the popular reality TV series, which enters its fourth season on January 1, 2014. Led by Executive Creative Director Terence Lee, the promo honors A-Ha’s classic “Take On Me” to animated effect.

"When our Supervising Writer/Producer Karen Griffenhagen came up with the concept, it was a no brainer to partner back with Roger,” says Aaron Goldman, AE Networks Creative Director. “We knew they could execute, and elevate the creative.”

In the spot, series protagonist Abby Miller is once again pitted against the moms of her dance students. Abby and the girls are transported into a comic book world, where she corrects everyone’s form and outruns their mothers who relentlessly chase after them. But in classic Abby style, she comes out on top, as the moms remain trapped in the animated world.

Roger handled the entire production from start to finish, with Lee directing the spot, and the Roger team handling art direction, practical set design, animation, compositing, finishing and editorial.

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“We had such a good time creating the parody of ‘Flashdance’ that we had to keep that fun going into the next season,” explains Lee. “Abby [Miller], the girls and their moms are total pros on set. Since our previous collaboration was such a success, there was trust amongst all us during the shoot. Considering we put them through a few hoops, they were really good sports, too.”

Roger simulated the hand-drawn look of the original A-Ha video by painstakingly sketching over each frame by hand. Though time-intensive, the artists were able to take advantage of modern technology to not only draw directly onto their screens, but to also have the flexibility to make adjustments and fine-tune the look.

The biggest challenge, says Lee, was unifying the look across several different artists. The finished drawings were then brought into After Effects, where Roger conformed the edit and did the final composite.

“The first time we saw the whole thing pieced together was awesome,” concludes Lee. “There were plenty of high-fives going around. Aaron [Goldman] and [Supervising Writer/Producer] Karen [Griffenhagen] are great collaborators. After a few projects together now, we've developed a level of trust that we strive for with every client. We’re all working towards the same goal -- to make a great product -- and that makes for a smooth and enjoyable process.”

Project: "Take On Abby” promo
Airdate: November 22, 2013

Music: A-Ha “Take On Me”

Client: AE Networks
Creative Director: Aaron Goldman
Supervising Writer/Producer: Karen Griffenhagen
SVP Brand Creative: Valerie Albanese

Production Company: Roger
Creative Director/Director: Terence Lee
DP: Ernesto Lomeli
Executive Producer: Josh Libitsky
Producer: Alex Dos Santos
Post Editor: Sean Mcallen
Designers: Andy Bernet
Illustrators: Brad Arnold, Jason Carpenter, Lyuben Dimitrov
2D Animators: Jason Carpenter, Lyuben Dimitrov, Dylan Spears, Adam
Compositors/3D Artists: Andrew Parris, Ben Rohel
Technology: Flash & After Effects

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