Sosolimited & The D4D Create Dynamic Media Wall For iHeartRADIO’s New Los Angeles Events Theater


Last Updated: December 17, 2013 4:50 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--December 17, 2013) Clear Channel's iHeartRADIO has opened a premiere events theater in Los Angeles, which features a centerpiece media wall installation that dynamically assembles live video, tweets, photography, and design elements for a truly unique experience.

The custom media wall was designed and executed through an exclusive creative partnership between art & technology studio Sosolimited ( and award-winning branded content company The D4D.(

The dynamic wall adds a new media experience to iHeartRADIO’s signature events by integrating live feeds of the show with realtime social media conversations surrounding each event. See it in action here:

"iHeartRadio wanted a display system that could literally do everything: Be a billboard at night, behave interactively during shows, handle any kind of media, and remain visually perfect in every instance,” says Sosolimited Co-Founder Justin Manor. “Soso created the technical infrastructure that could handle any kind of input media they could throw at it.”

“It was an interesting opportunity to create a hybrid experience where a live concert literally merges with social media, in a kind of millennial musical holodeck,” recounts The D4D’s Matt Checkowski. “The visual design aims to showcase that connectivity: it weaves together the video, image and text streams, creating iHeartRadio branded moments when the streams overlap. It’s live and random, but if the concert rocks and you’re tweeting about it, the wall puts them together to visualize a new kind of social moment that can only be experienced at the venue.”

Located in the dramatic entry of the 20,000 square foot venue, the wall also acts a beacon for people outside the theater, formerly the home of The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. iHeartRADIO West is a pop culture event space for live streaming events and release parties with entertainment superstars and emerging artists. The inaugural event was Katy Perry’s live launch of her megahit album “Prism”.

Software & Hardware Design: Sosolimited
Justin Manor, Partner
Eric Gunther, Partner
John Rothenberg, Partner
Sam Kronick, Programming
Lauren McCarthy, Programming
David Wicks, Graphics Programming
Alex Olivier, Programming
Matt Papi, CMS Programming
Seth Thompson, CMS Programming

Media Design: The D4D
Matt Checkowski, Founder & Creative Director
Tim Fischer, Producer
Peggy Oei, Designer
Ken Pelletier, Animator
Jeanie villa Lobos, Production Coordinator

CMS Design: Matt Papi
Installation: PRG
Interior Design: Meyer Davis


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