Montréal's Studio Post Kopic is Empowered by Mistika, making Creativity its Trademark in the heart of Canada's Film and TV Industry


“In fact, Montréal is the R&D capital of Canada and now Montréal is Mistika! We see Mistika as the key that opens doors to new opportunities...” Alain Baril, CEO and editor, Studio Post Kopic, Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Last Updated: December 21, 2013 8:08 pm GMT
(Montréal, Quebec--December 21, 2013) Studio Post Kopic has significantly expanded its service offerings with the purchase of a Mistika DI Post Production System from SGO. The boutique studio specialises in the creation of 2D and stereoscopic 3D content and is based in the thriving film industry city of Montréal in Quebec. Headed by groundbreaking veteran editor Alain Baril and digital artist Nicolas Fournier, the move to progress further with a game-changing investment with Mistika at the helm, reflects the constant desire the company has to push the envelope and offer alternative innovative and creative ways for post production finishing for film and broadcast.

Courtesy of Studio Post Kopic

Experienced editor with over 25 years of experience behind him, Alain has worked with the cream of the crop which includes editing feature-length films by award-winning directors, as well as working on numerous big brand commercials, TV series, documentaries and shorts. Recently, Alain has also taken a step behind the stereo cameras for a different perspective. His undivided attention and devotion in the editing suite equipped him with first-hand, frame-by-frame exposure to a vast array of styles and techniques, making him an expert consultant for clients wanting to create powerful and persuasive images, with compelling personality and a commanding presence.

CEO and Editor, Alain Baril states "We made the decision to include the world-class Mistika technology to serve our creative clients with a reliable, flexible high-end state-of-the-art post solution. As a widely-recognised and award-winning powerful post production system, we are delighted to be the first company in Montréal to own world-leading SGO creative innovation." Alain adds "We see Mistika as the key that opens doors to new opportunities and exciting high-profile projects. Mistika has effectively influenced and enhanced our current business model to enable us to become even more competitive with budget spend allocated on the screen and not on the overheads, which makes a significant difference to our profit margins."

Based in a strategic location that is only a six-hour flight from London, five from Los Angeles and a mere hour from New York City, Montréal is the cultural capital of Canada and the heart of the film industry making creativity its trademark. Always open to the world, the cosmopolitan city has become a hub of fashion, aerospace, life sciences and information and communication technologies, digital creation and film. Alain Baril adds enthusiastically "In fact, Montréal is the R&D capital of Canada and now Montréal is Mistika!"

Alain confirms, "In the current economic climate, larger post facilities are having to restructure themselves in order to survive and producers are no longer interested in a "hypermarket" style service. As a "boutique" post facility, the timing is perfect for us to move forward with Mistika in order to offer cutting-edge innovation, technologies and methods that provide that personal service that clients relish."

Jose Luis Acha, Regional Sales Manager at SGO states "SGO warmly welcomes Alain and his talented team at Studio Post Kopic to the international family of Mistika users. This is a very exciting step for the company which already has a great reputation in Montréal. I am delighted they have chosen Mistika as their finishing system of choice for the future; it’s a clear leader in the market and will keep them one step ahead of the game in a highly competitive arena.”

Studio Post Kopic has worked on many interesting and varied projects. Current projects include enthralling film Stealing Alice directed and produced by internationally renown artist Marc Séguin. OutSideIn, is another short Stereo 3D film directed and produced by Newfoundland filmmaker Anne Troake about an up, close and personal look at the dancing human body in natural environments, using S3D micro-rigs. With Sherbrooke University, Studio Post Kopic have also developed a stereoscopic 3D robot to capture RAW 2K DPX files. Blended with Mistika, a full package will be available early next year in order to produce high quality Stereo 3D content which will also be available for the benefit of the world-wide Mistika community.

SGO's official Canadian reseller partner 3vis is also based in Montréal - to find out more, please visit them here

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