Sugar’s Smith Loosens Up Athlete Endorsements In Hilarious Spurs Campaign For H-E-B


Last Updated: December 23, 2013 11:55 am GMT
(Los Angeles, California--December 23, 2013) Sugar Film Production director Chris Smith pulls the serious rug out from underneath typical athlete endorsements in an uproarious new campaign for H-E-B out of The Richards Group. Starring players from the San Antonio Spurs, the four-spot campaign includes the :30 “Splendid,” which features Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili channeling their sophisticated sides with over-the-top affectations while noshing an H-E-B steak dinner. The campaign also includes the :30s “One For Each,” “Laundry Sorting” and “Tough Talk.”

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Smith has directed the always-anticipated H-E-B/Spurs campaigns for nearly a decade. Tasked with crafting the four spots and confined by a fast paced shoot schedule, Smith worked closely with The Richards Group and the Spurs players to make the most of every available moment. Smith huddled with the players in between setups to go over the scripts and remind them that finding the intention in the framework of the spot and being authentic was more important than tripping up over dialogue. With scripts tailor-made by The Richards Group’s creative teams for the personalities and idiosyncrasies of the players, Smith was able to focus more on fine-tuning the comedic moments, which were amplified by each player’s willingness to embrace self-depreciating humor. He notes, “I’ve worked with sports guys in the past who have all been extremely professional, but these guys really love be creative participants. And The Richards Group was always throwing in ideas to modify as we shot. It really was a fast-paced but cohesive group effort, and with everyone on point, we were able to make it happen in the time we had with the players.”

About Sugar Film Production
Committed to achieving excellence on each project they tackle, and fostering an attitude-free company culture, Sugar Film Production forges long-term client relationships through a welcoming work environment and spectacular results. Since 2001, Sugar has produced work for national clients including Shell, Ford, Pepperidge Farm, Anheuser Busch, Bridgestone, McDonalds and Sony Ericsson. Seasoned director Chris Smith leads the creative team, crafting engaging advertising projects through stunning visual narrative.

Client: H-E-B
Titles: “One For Each,” “Laundry Sorting,” “Splendid,” “Tough Talk,” 4 x :30
Group VP Advertising and Marketing: Cory Basso
Director of Advertising: Shelley Hannon
Senior Account Manager: Lena Delgado
Agency: The Richards Group

Brand Creative Group Head: Chris Smith
Brand Creative/Art Director: Bo McCord
Brand Creative/Copywriter: Wendy Mayes
Brand Creative/Copywriter: Brittany Sarrett
Brand Creative/Art Director: Kyle Kelley
Director of Broadcast: Greg Gibson
Agency Producer: Debbie Koppman
Business Affairs Manager: Sara Sax
Business Affairs Manager: Devona Mayeur
Brand Management: Howard Blevins
Production Company: Sugar Film Production
Director: Chris Smith
Executive Producer: Tony Miglini
Line Producer: Michelle Isbell
Editorial: Fast Cuts
Editorial Executive Producer: Lisa Hill
Editorial Senior Producer: Barbara Sanders
Offline Editor: Jason Payne


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