Zoic Intensifies Frosty Adventures For Nissan


Last Updated: January 7, 2014 6:23 pm GMT
(Culver City, California--January 7, 2014) Culver City-based visual effects house Zoic Studios’ Co-founder/Creative Director Loni Peristere helms a pulse-quickening alpine escapade via Bandito Brothers, :30 “X-TRAIL,” for Nissan out of TBWA, Japan. Produced for the Japanese market, the spot features an electrified snowboarder being pulled by a Nissan X-TRAIL through rugged terrain.

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Zoic handled comprehensive post-production for the action-filled wintry spot, including on-set supervision for the five-day shoot in Chile, visual effects, color grading, editorial and finishing. To allow the ability to control numerous visual elements independently, two cameras were stacked to shoot simultaneous high-speed footage. This setup allowed the Zoic team to create slow-motion effects by moving both sets of footage through compositing, morphing and quick crash zooms. Additional effects included cleanup work to transform the resort mountainscape into a more weathered and raw environment.

To heighten the visuals in the spot, VFX Creative Director Robert Moggach led a team of artists to craft intensified optical effects that amplify the reflective sections on both the snowboarder’s suit and the vehicle itself. He notes, “It was a really fun challenge to fine-tune the light-based effects to create a truly optical feel.”

X-TRAIL” opens on an aerial shot of a snow-capped mountain along with the Nissan logo. We circle a red Nissan X-TRAIL perched atop the precipice as the headlights turn on and the electrified track propels the motion forward, revealing the fearless snowboarder being hauled by the SUV. The stuntman weaves through the wintry terrain with style, eventually releases the tether and flips deftly between peaks, finishing with a parachute deployment. The X-TRAIL drives on, effortlessly navigating the icy elements. The vehicle halts and we see boarders stashing their gear via a view from the SUV’s roomy cargo space. “Innovation that excites,” indeed.

About Zoic Studios
Zoic Studios is a visual effects company based in Culver City, California, and Vancouver, B.C. Our team has a proven track record of success, crafting innovative visual experiences for film, television, advertising, video game and interactive projects.

Visual Evolution” is our mission: to advance the story, art, and technology of the moving image. Masters in the fields of design, animation, compositing, and production management, Zoic’s reputation attracts rising talent and encourages a strong work ethic.

Zoic prioritizes research and development in service of constant creative growth, from in-house virtual production to real time rendering using game engine technology.

Client: Nissan
Spot Title: “X-TRAIL,” :30

Agency: TBWA, Japan
Creative Director: Takayuki Niizawa
Producer: Taichi Murai
Production Company: Pyramid Films
Producers: Taichi Murai, Kyoko Aihara, Yuya Mimasu
Production Company: Bandito Brother
Director: Loni Peristere
Producer: Karen Rohrbacher
Production Supervisor: Joan Duff
Visual Effects Company: Zoic Studios
Executive Creative Director: Chris Jones
Head of Broadcast Production/Executive Producer: Ian Unterreiner
Producers: Jennie Burnett, Nate Occhipinti
Post Production Coordinator: Ryan Burcham
VFX Supervisor: Robert Moggach
VFX On Set Supervisor: Shahana Kahn
Editor: Dmitri Gueer
Assistant Editors: Alison Veneto‐Grady, Tawny Hsin
Lead Flame: Robert Moggach
Flame Assist: An Dang
Design Director: Levi Ahmu
Designers: Brian Scott, Joey Park
Tracking: Caleb Pennypacker
Flame Compositors: Renee Tymn, Colleen Brattessani
Roto/Paint: Incessant Rain Studios, Skulley VFX, Trace VFX
Music Company: Elias
Executive Producer: Ann Haugen
Producers: Val Scinto, Katie Overcash
Creative Director: David Gold
Mix Company: POP Sound
Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan
Sound Supervisor: Darren Warkentin
Sound Designer: Rusty Dunn
Color: Company 3
Producers: Matt Moran, Liza Kerlin
Colorist: Sean Coleman


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