Marquis’ Project Parking sees Success with JB&A in North America


Last Updated: January 11, 2014 6:52 pm GMT
(New York, United States--January 11, 2014) Marquis Broadcast, specialist in content workflows and media integration software, has today announced ‘good sales’ of its archive and retrieve solution Project Parking through its main channel partner JB&A in North America. JB&A, which focuses on building and managing channels on behalf of vendors, sells Marquis’ solution Project Parking, aimed at assisting editors and facilities to manage their Avid edit storage more effectively, through its network of resellers across the USA and Canada. Through its resellers, JB&A has recently sold Project Parking to broadcasters in New York, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles.

“We became Marquis’ main channel partner for North America last year and have already seen strong interest and sales of Project Parking across the region through our resellers,” explains Jeff Burgess CEO, JB&A. “Project Parking is a particularly clever solution which enables editors to analyse all the projects on their edit storage by size, project, location, age, duplicated or orphaned files and then archive files to second tier storage, or delete or move unused media all at the touch of a button, while still maintaining a usable and easily accessible format for future use.”

“Project Parking also allows production staff to transfer entire projects from multiple locations to tiers of storage or different destinations if required,” continues Burgess. “Users can also create multiple archive destinations, for example another shared storage area or even a locally attached USB drive. A detailed report is produced upon completion of an archive providing certain knowledge that the project will be in exactly the same state when restored. As a result, Project Parking can give editors the tools to optimise the efficient use of their edit storage.”

In addition to supplying Project Parking, JB&A also have the facility to develop and define specific workflows for its resellers’ clients by taking advantage of Marquis’ Medway tool kit. Medway is an ‘interoperability engine’ which enables enhanced integration between leading broadcast content applications within file based workflows.

“JB&A’s expertise and experience in taking products into the reseller channel has given us access to the North American market place,” confirms Daniel Faulkner, business development manager, Marquis Broadcast. “Project Parking is now being sold across the globe and providing broadcasters and post houses with the real benefits of transferring projects easily and freeing-up valuable edit storage.”

Marquis will be showcasing Project Parking at JB&A’s reseller event prior to NAB. Featuring some of the most innovative technology in the industry, JB&A’s annual reseller event will be held at the MGM Grand Hotel Convention Centre on April 5-6, 2014 - the weekend before NAB.

About Marquis Broadcast
Founded in 1998, Marquis Broadcast provides a range of media integration products designed for the data-intensive and challenging requirements of today's fast-paced broadcasting environments, enabling broadcasters and other users of digital media to achieve maximum efficiencies from their workflow processes. The company has considerable experience in integrating an extensive range of broadcast systems and devices, providing easy to use workflows via Medway, its widely installed interoperability engine.

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Founded in 1996, JB&A is a leader in the field of video management and distribution dedicated to bringing the most innovative and complete MAM, DAM, IPTV, Streaming and Digital Signage technology solutions to market. The company is a unique mix of Consultant, Channel Partner, Solutions Provider and Distributor with an ecosystem of certified, tested and proven products and workflow solutions For further information please see:


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