Mongolian National Public Radio Chooses NOA Audio Solutions for Digital Archive


Last Updated: January 13, 2014 7:37 am GMT
(Vienna, Austria--January 13, 2014) Mongolian National Public Radio (MNB) has selected an archiving solution from NOA Audio Solutions to power the broadcaster’s move to a completely digital archive. More than 20,000 hours of audio materials stored on tape, cassette, CD, and digital files – representing the bulk of the country’s audio broadcasting heritage – will be archived using the new system.

On the air since 1934, and with archivable tapes dating from 1954, MNB chose NOA technology after extensive research which included dialog with technicians at the Voice of Vietnam, where NOA has been used successfully for the last five years to digitize the VOV archive.

Replacing its existing archiving facility, MNB’s NOA installation comprises the jobDB workflow system, mediaButler transcoding engine, dual NOA Record tape ingest systems, and DBScripter for standard metadata exports. A standard fileset supporting both XML and Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) is provided as part of the Archive Information Package.

“MNB joins a growing group of NOA users in developing countries such as Vietnam, Mexico and Sudan,” said Christophe Kummer CEO of NOA Audio Solutions. “Our record shows that users like this find the system very effective and easy to use, and we are delighted to welcome MNB into the NOA family and help them tackle the challenge of digital audio archiving.”

The installation is scheduled for completion in Q1 2014.

More information is available directly from NOA at

About NOA
NOA is the leading global provider of flexible turnkey solutions for quality-controlled digitizing, archiving, description and retrieval of AV and other media content. Scalable to suit collections of all sizes, NOA’s product families, ingestLINE™, mediARC™, actLINE™ and jobDB™, not only help ensure long-term preservation of media, but also support enterprise-wide collaboration, efficiency, and productivity by enabling fast and accurate identification and retrieval of clips from the full range of an enterprise’s archive. NOA’s easy-to-use proprietary technologies are today installed in some 20 high-profile enterprises worldwide, including Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep (VRT), Yleisradio Finland (YLE), Radiotelevizija Slovenija (RTV), Fonoteca Nacional de Mexico and the Austrian Broadcaster ORF. With headquarters in Vienna, Austria, NOA is committed to the ongoing development of innovative technologies to ensure the maintenance of invaluable cultural heritage for future generations. For detailed information please visit the NOA website at


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