Cause & [Effect] Skates Onto Set For Nicktoons’ Wild Grinders


Last Updated: February 3, 2014 4:13 pm GMT
(New York, New York--February 3, 2014) New York-based Cause & [Effect] creative director/director Jamie Hubbard crafts an artful mix of live-action and skate-happy toons in the new :60 “Nicktoons – Wild Grinders ‘Concept Trailer’” for the Nicktoons show "Rob Dyrdek’s Wild Grinders." Promoting the show’s new season, the spot features Dyrdek leading a comical tour through a set occupied by real production crew and the motley, animated cast.

Click HERE to see the spot and HERE to download.

With Steadicam moves and precise timing, Hubbard seamlessly navigates a world comprised of Cause & [Effect]-composited CG, live-action and Wild Grinders’ characters, including a zombie, shark and fro-yo-loving dog. The Cause & [Effect] team was tasked with creating this colorful skater showcase with limited time and location options, but their thorough pre-production and close collaboration with the Nicktoons’ production team and Home Plate Entertainment’s character animators made it so Rob Dyrdek could effortlessly interact with the elements. Says Hubbard, “Mixing 2D animations in a 3D, live-action world was a challenge, but it worked beautifully with some careful planning. We were a well-oiled machine by the time Rob and other actors got on set.”

In post, Cause & [Effect] polished the spot with careful editing and rotoscoping of the edifices. Rob’s sports car, the skate park and the sun-kissed, Hollywood studio atmosphere were brought to life through colorful animation. These elements were designed in concert with existing animations of Lil’ Rob, Meaty and a slew of new characters.

Nicktoons – Wild Grinders ‘Concept Trailer’” opens on Rob Dyrdek pulling up to a studio in a sleek CG sports car, suavely exiting with his animated dog Meaty in tow. The two enter the Wild Grinders’ Set to see the show’s animated characters skating and flying through a working, live-action set. Rob walks past scientists fine-tuning their zaniest new creations and crew interacting with animated monsters and space-age skateboards. The spot concludes on Rob and a melee of his animated friends skating on a park, zipping through the air and posing proudly. The show and Nicktoons logos close out the spot.

Nicktoons – Wild Grinders ‘Concept Trailer’” is the latest in a longtime collaboration between Cause & [Effect] and various other Nickelodeon shows.

About Cause & [Effect]
Cause & [Effect] is a collection of highly talented storytellers, artists, thinkers, and above all-CREATORS. Writing, shooting, directing, editing, designing, compositing, animating—They see every project as an opportunity for collaboration—a chance to apply their creative team’s experience, ideas and personality, to making engaging and memorable work for their clients.

Client: Nicktoons
Title: “Nicktoons – Wild Grinders ‘Concept Trailer,’” :60

Creative Director: Lisandro Perez-Rey
Supervising Producer: Joseph Pepitone
Producer: John Pagano
Senior Director of Production: Jennifer Bryson
Production Manager: Shanelle Collins
Production: Cause & [Effect], NY
Executive Producers: Jason Zemlicka, Jenn Dewey
Creative Director/Director: Jamie Hubbard
Cell Animation: Home Plate Entertainment
Post Production: Cause & [Effect], NY
Editor: Brock Bodell
Art Director: Justin Acree
Animators: Daniel Ginzburg, Chris Vranos
Production Coordinator: Allie Hess
Editor: Brock Bodell
Audio: Explosion Robinson


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