AREA 6 Launches Site, Releases First Stock Production Elements


Startup focuses on providing professional-quality resources unavailable elsewhere

Last Updated: January 15, 2014 11:48 pm GMT
(Denver, Colorado--January 15, 2014) Stock production element publisher AREA 6 announced today the launch of and the release of its first product, Scanline Overlays Pro, which includes five different scan line and screen effect overlay sets for motion graphics/vfx artists and video editors.

Simple but effective, and very inexpensive
The overlays are drag-and-drop PNG files which are pre-sized for industry standard-resolutions (720p, 1080p, 2K, UHD and 4K) so they snap neatly into place, pixel-for-pixel, within the composition window.

Five scan line/screen styles are available individually and as a single bundle: horizontal scan lines, vertical scan lines, diagonal scan lines, dot lattice and checkerboard. Each style is provided in several densities and, wherever possible, the screens have been prepared so that opposite edges are mirrored. Different styles and densities can be stacked to achieve unusual effects.

They require no plug-ins, are application/system neutral, introduce a minimal render load, and provide excellent results for a “micropayment” price (less than US $2).

About AREA 6
AREA 6 was formed this year to provide motion graphics, vfx and video artists/developers with professional-quality production elements unavailable elsewhere, and priced within the reach of even casual hobbyists.

“Our Scanline Overlays are a great example of what drives our product development,” says AREA 6 principal John Moretti. “We noticed these simple but engaging effects being used widely. We found lots of posts asking how to create them and a number of good tutorials with step-by-step instructions. But when we searched for prebuilt materials, we found only limited free resources (almost all of which required additional work) and no comprehensive, turnkey collection of overlays tailored to the motion/film/video industry.”

“We’re sure that most of our potential customers can do any of the work that goes into our products,” Moretti continues. “But we’re also sure that a good portion of them would happily pay a few dollars for an immediate, dependable shortcut rather than lose creative momentum while on a roll. It’s much less about ability and more about spending time efficiently.”

With low development and delivery costs (everything is sold direct as immediate downloads), AREA 6 can price its products low enough to easily overcome the classic “I can save money by doing it myself” argument. Adds Moretti, “Our products will save time and money. And, quite possibly, some amount of hair.”

At least one release per month planned for 2014
In addition to more than a dozen releases being prepared for rollout during the upcoming year, AREA 6 has a number of unusual concepts in various stages of R&D.

Moretti concludes, “We are constantly watching for opportunities to create unique, low-cost/high-production-value design elements and tools for motion graphics artists and video editors like ourselves. Solving problems to further empower creativity is very satisfying.”


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