Italian Giant Juventus FC Has Chosen Metus!


Juventus FC is managing all its video archive with Metus MAM.

Last Updated: January 21, 2014 8:46 pm GMT
(January 21, 2014) With the help of MAM Web Client, the video archive is accessible for the video department and all training staff from anywhere, anytime. Trainers love the easy-to-use video rough cut and custom metadata and search features of Metus MAM for advance analysis and archival of the games and trainings.

Juventus FC is getting footage from virtually everywhere; the league broadcaster, web feeds, old tape materials, and many more. Metus MAM is their skilful assistant.

Currently four power clients plus ten web clients use Metus MAM, managing 60+ TB (and expanding) of archive, with additional process servers to create low resolution copies and transcode the incoming video content in different formats by converting to the desired format, taken up in the main archive is managed.

After the English giant Liverpool FC, we are proud to help Italian giant Juventus, as they continue  to be one of the world's most successful football club Juventus prefers Metus, and the company proves their international success once again.


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