Cause & [Effect] Knits Holiday Sweater Delights For The Food Network


Last Updated: January 22, 2014 10:20 pm GMT
(New York, New York--January 22, 2014) New York-based Cause & [Effect] takes a foodie spin on donning their most jovial apparel in their holiday packaging offerings for The Food Network. The charming campaign brings the tastiest treats of the holiday season to life through a sweater animation, colliding the nostalgia of scrumptious and cozy holiday delectables with the cultural fascination with festive holiday sweaters. In addition to the :20 promo package, Cause & [Effect] also created two additional IDs following the festive sweater theme.

Click HERE to see the promo.

After the creative team at The Food Network decided upon the sweater and knit-based animation visuals, the Cause & [Effect] team swiftly got to work on developing an efficient pipeline to create the knit-based 8-BIT animations that would allow the team to edit and manipulate with greatest ease. Creative Director Jamie Hubbard led the team to create the backdrop of a CG sweater in 3D in Maya. Once this canvas was completed and the scale of the stitching was established, a team of animators crafted the stitching animations in 2D using After Effects.

Notes Hubbard, “It was exciting that The Food Network was willing to approach their holiday packaging in an unexpected way. It was an extremely collaborative process and it was an enjoyable challenge to come up with the best technical solution to best execute the idea through animation.”

The wistful holiday packaging piece propels the process of preparing some of holiday season’s most classic goodies onto the iconic and ever-popular holiday sweater, taking us through the art and process of crafting the perfect gingerbread man, the coziest mugs of hot cocoa, and the tastiest and most decadent apple pie. As the completed apple pie begins to be devoured, the Food Network logo is revealed, finishing with a festive stitch of the season’s “Warmest Wishes.”

Client: Food Network

Design Director, On Air/Off Air Brand Creative: Aaron McDannell
On-Air Art Director: Brian Keenan
Post Production: Cause & [Effect]
Executive Producers: Jason Zemlicka, Jenn Dewey
Creative Director: Jamie Hubbard
Art Director: Justin Acree
Designer/Animators: Chris Vranos, Daniel Ginzburg, Masayoshi Nakamura, Tom Yaniv
Editor: Moh Azima
Audio: Explosion Robinson

About Cause & [Effect]
Cause & [Effect] is a collection of highly talented storytellers, artists, thinkers, and above all-CREATORS. Writing, shooting, directing, editing, designing, compositing, animating—They see every project as an opportunity for collaboration—a chance to apply their creative team’s experience, ideas and personality, to making engaging and memorable work for their clients.


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