BRW Filmland Los Angeles’ Matthew Pollock Brings The Sexy Back To Garbage Removal For Hefty


Last Updated: January 23, 2014 10:50 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--January 23, 2014) BRW Filmland Los Angeles director Matthew Pollock discovers the sensual side of trash with a cast of hunky garbage men in the new :30 “The Ultimate Garbage Men” for Hefty out of Havas Worldwide Chicago. Following his viral hit, “Gay Men Will Marry Your Boyfriends,” Pollock delivers a spot that features a host of brawny sanitation workers, sprinkled with a less-than-lean, but charming cohort, to appeal to the female population with a straightforward and steamy demonstration of Hefty’s new Ultimate garbage bag.

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The Ultimate Garbage Men” opens on a trio of hunky garbage men sensually beginning their removal routine, flirtatiously noting to camera, “Good morning. I’ve been waiting for this all week. The Ultimate bags are so, ultimate.” The enticing delivery does not skip a beat as a much plumper colleague rounds out the quartet of sexy trash collectors, confidently winking at the camera with the utmost charm and finesse. As the men continue to hail the Hefty bag’s praises, we cut to a kitchen interior, where the rubbish romantics are personally installing the Hefty Ultimate as a woman gapes at their every move. The spot closes with the Hefty Ultimate garbage bag along with the super and voiceover concluding, “It’s all you need in one bag.”

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Client: Hefty
Title: “The Ultimate Garbage Men” :30

Agency: Havas Worldwide Chicago
Chief Creative Officer, President: Jason Peterson
Creative Director: Ecole Weinstein
Art Director: Cam Giblin
Copywriter: Tom Houser
Executive Producer: David Evans

Producer: Joe Tipre
Business Manager: Bonnie Hamilton
Account Director: Vicky Runyon
Senior Account Executive: Lindsey Cohen
Assistant Account Executive: Christina Banuelos

Production Company: BRW FILMLAND Los Angeles
Director: Matthew Pollock
Executive Producer: Peter Trucco
DP: John Lindley
Art Director: Danielle Clemenza

Editorial: Beast Chicago
Editorial Executive Producer: Pater Hullinger
Editorial Producer: Kendall Fash
Editors: Jim Ulbrich, Sean Berringer
Assistant Editor: Mark Sheridan
Mixer: Todd Bee

VFX: Method Studios, Chicago
VFX Producer: Erica Hilbart
Color: Company3, Chicago
Music: Duotone Audio Group
Music Executive Producer: David Leinheardt
Music Producer: Lissa Farquhar


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