ZYNC used to render VFX work in the cloud on 3 Oscar Nominated Films


Best Picture Nominee American Hustle and Best Visual Effects Nominees Star Trek: Into Darkness & The Lone Ranger all had VFX rendered on the cloud using ZYNC’s technology

Last Updated: January 27, 2014 7:59 pm GMT
(Boston, Massachusetts--January 27, 2014) ZYNC, the Visual Effects industry leading cloud rendering and storage platform congratulates customers who worked on 3 films nominated for Oscars. Best Picture Nominee "American Hustle" had numerous visual effects shots rendered on the cloud by studio Zero VFX while client Atomic Fiction contributed work on two films nominated for best visual effects, "Star Trek: Into Darkness" and "The Lone Ranger."

Working with a team of just 14 artists, Zero VFX delivered shots for American Hustle in only 3 months by tapping into the unlimited cloud computing resources provided by ZYNC to transform shots filmed in present-day Boston to 1970’s New York where it was set. The film’s VFX Supervisor Sean Devereaux was able to work directly on-set with Director David O. Russell to deliver numerous enhancements to dailies footage by completing set extensions and background corrections in The Foundry’s Nuke while leveraging the power provided by ZYNC to render shots remotely in a matter of minutes to meet Russell’s approval.

ZYNC’s seamless pipeline integration into Nuke allowed lighting fast rendering of the complex rotoscoping, paint work and heavy compositing required to digitally alter numerous environments that appeared throughout the film. Commented Simon Robinson, Chief Scientist at The Foundry “It’s always inspiring to see the awesome work our customers are creating using our tools. ZYNC’s technology is a great addition to The Foundry’s workflow and allows for increased speed and efficiency in delivering the kind of challenging visual effects shots that makes these nominees so good.”

“ZYNC was designed from the outset to give nimble, agile visual effects teams the ability to focus on the creative tasks without worrying about the technical and financial overhead of maintaining a large on-premises renderfarm,” said Todd Prives CMO at ZYNC, “In the 1st 6 months of commercial release, these 3 major successes along with the over 200 clients and 1 million core hours rendered validates the notion that cloud computing for visual effects and animation is rapidly transforming the way facilities work.”

About ZYNC
Founded and run by post-production industry veterans, ZYNC is the visual effects industry’s first completely integrated cloud-based storage and rendering platform. ZYNC’s secure pay-as-you-go service provides instant and affordable access to high volume rendering resources, normally a limiting factor in digital productions. ZYNC features a layered defense architecture that encrypts data at all points of exchange and storage while offering an extremely user-friendly interface. To date ZYNC has been used by facilities on over 20 major feature films as well as hundreds of commercial projects for a total of over 8 million core render hours. Supported host applications currently include NVIDIA’s Mental Ray, Chaos Group’s V-Ray, Solid Angle’s Arnold and The Foundry’s Nuke. More information can be found at http://www.zyncrender.com.


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