The Republic Collective Ushers In New Collaborative Production Model


Agency & Production Pros Align To Form Resource Solution

Last Updated: January 27, 2014 8:55 pm GMT
(Portland, Oregon--January 27, 2014) The Republic Collective officially launches today, presenting a new collaborative resource model targeted at regional advertising. The Republic is a national network built on the principle of collaboration, quality resources and reach. Whether you live in Portland, OR, or Richmond, VA, The Republic connects advertising agencies and carefully curated and vetted production partners around the nation.

Agencies are invited to submit projects via The Republic Collective’s web app, which is also optimized for smart phone and tablet ( and designed by interactive design studio BIGPIE. The company launched with over 50 directors in its network, and is growing by the day.

Befitting the industry it serves, The Republic Collective followed its own model to source production partners and create a brand video that captures the spirit of the movement, demonstrates activation, and gives insight to the benefits of joining. The piece was produced by motion design and animation studio SPILLT, written by Dave Thomas of directing duo Ben/Dave, with music composed by Hawaii-based Andrew Vastola Productions. SPILLT, part of the vibrant creative community in Denver, was excited to illustrate what Creative Director Ryan Bramwell calls, “a momentous change in how our industry connects with new opportunities in order to create mind-blowing work.” Watch the video here

The Republic Collective’s four founders – Erika Levy, Danielle Bryan, along with Brady Anderton and Summer Finley Kelly (Founders of Fueld Films) – bring deep production and advertising experience to this new resource model. The Denver and Austin-based team united to form a company that would close gaps in access and connectivity in the advertising industry. They forged this new model to serve its constituents: regional advertising agencies and vetted production and post affiliates throughout the nation.

Agency producers were among the first to see the value in this model. Says Erin BonSalle, a producer with The Integer Group, “There was never really a service or tool that would make searching for new talent more time efficient or cost effective. The Republic is a great resource for a producer looking to find any or all of the elements of production – from directors to post-production work, and even motion graphics and animation. The Republic makes all that easier.” From its network, The Republic Collective provides extensive talent searches and can unite suggested teams for a given project – including pairing noted directing talent with regional production entities in order to keep production dollars local.

“We are not a production company, and we do not represent or manage talent. If anything, we rep the boards. We’re skilled at objectively putting the right team together for every project,” explains The Republic Partner Erika Levy. “In the process we offer solutions that elevate creativity. “

In the spirit of its namesake, The Republic Collective’s credo outlines the principles on which the entity was based, including “the right to work cooperatively within a competitive landscape” and “the right to expect care and enthusiasm for all projects, regardless of budget.”

“Our role is to be an unbiased advocate for the creative itself,” elaborates Danielle Bryan, a former agency producer. “The Republic maximizes resources for all of our partnering companies, and we only offer suggestions that are relevant, exciting, and helmed by people who want to work. It won’t be right for everyone, but for those who drink the Kool-Aid it’s a game changer.”

The proof lies in the fact that the model is working. MRM / / McCann Salt Lake City adopted The Republic in its infant stage. According to VP and Director of Production Todd Gorzitze, “Our creative demands are constantly pushing the limits on how to find and work with new, cutting-edge directors who are also capable of working at the pace and with the budgetary constraints we’re faced with. The Republic recognized an opportunity with our agency and has been extremely successful at teaming national directors, editors, and graphic effects artists with Fueld Films as a local production partner in order to meet this demand. I look forward to exploring and growing this new paradigm further with them.”

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