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Last Updated: February 3, 2014 6:34 pm GMT
(Alpharetta, Georgia--February 3, 2014) In late November FSI ran a special offer on the CM250 OLED Monitors that saw the price of this unit drop from $13,495 all the way down to $6,495. We were overwhelmed by the response to this special and actually had to end the sale a bit early because demand far exceeded our expectations as well as our December & January production capacity. We are happy to report that we are now fully caught up on all of these pre-orders as of this past weekend and now also have a good quantity of CM250 in stock and available for immediate delivery. More importantly, because of the higher than anticipated demand for the CM250 priced at only $6,495 we are now able to extend this pricing longer term. So as of today you can once again purchase the CM250, originally priced at $13,495, for just $6,495!

A Big Thank You to Our Early Adopters
We can't thank our early adopters enough. It was because of the significant interest, enthusiasm, support, and number of purchases during our original special pricing offer that we are now able to offer this great new price level to everyone else. As a special thank you to those that ordered a unit during the original special pricing offer we are going to extend a $500 per unit discount on the purchase of as many additional CM250 as they would like to purchase through May 1st of this year. That's right, not just $500 off on a second CM250, but on as many additional CM250 as our early adopters might want or need over the next 3 months. The limitations on this offer are fairly simple: the discount cannot be combined with any other specials, discounts, etc. (e.g. non-profit discount) and you must be able to provide your original Black-Friday order number as proof of 'early adopter' status. Call or email FSI with your original order number to receive your discount code.

New Yoke Mounts for the CM250 Now In Stock
FSI offers several great production oriented accessories including the popular and compact MM20 VESA to C-Stand mount and the lightweight, but very durable, 23"-25" Carrying Case. We've now expanded those options to include a new custom Yoke Mount for the CM250 OLED monitor. Made of durable black-anodized aluminum this new Yoke Mount is incredibly well balanced and allows the monitor to be tilted very easily, even when equipped with an optional battery. Now in stock at http://www.ShopFSI.com

New Firmware Version 9.53-1937 Now Available for CFE2 Equipped Units

New firmware release 9.53-1937 is now available for download from FlandersScientific.com for most CFE2 equipped units including the BM210, BM230, CM171, CM172, CM240, & CM250. This release features the following changes and enhancements:
  • New temporary on screen display window when input button is pressed. Provides summary of current signal resolution and frame rate, active color space as set on monitor's Color Management Menu, gamma response as set on the monitor's Video Menu, and Color Matching Function (CMF) active on the Color Management Menu*.
  • PIP feature default now set to side-by-side Picture and Picture display (instead of windowed Picture in Picture). SDI 2 is also now the default secondary input instead of CVBS.
  • Adds beta support for 4K signals over 2 x 3Gbps SDI inputs. Please note that we know this does not work perfectly with all 4K sources at this time, but we have decided to make it part of this release for larger scale testing.
  • Various other nuisance bug fixes and stability enhancements have also been made in this release.
  • This firmware release also adopts an updated calibration LUT format. Existing LUTs on the monitor will be transferred along with the new firmware update process without the need for recalibration, but after this update users should export in FSI's new .cfe LUT format when using third party calibration solutions (again, only applies to calibration LUTs on CFE2 equipped monitors. Other units continue to use .dat). DIT LUTs remain in FSI's .dat format.

LightIllusion's LightSpace CMS already exports in the new .cfe format successfully (beta release, contact FSI for download link). SpectraCal's CalMAN Studio will also add full support for the new .cfe format in the very near future.

9.53-1937 or later firmware will also be available for the CM320TD and CM500TD later this month.

*CMF feature is only applicable on OLED.

New Calibration Partners in Singapore & California
In addition to integrating with and selling many popular third party calibration options allowing users to do calibration in-house most of you know that FSI also offers free factory level calibration out of our service facilities in both Europe (Lier, Belgium) and the United States (Atlanta, Georgia). However, did you know that we have also been adding to our list of third party calibrators that can offer various levels of calibration service on-site or at their regional offices for a fee? These are calibrators that we know have the appropriate equipment and knowledge to perform high quality recalibration of your FSI monitors over time. You can see the full list at FlandersScientific.com, but we wanted to take a moment to specifically mention two new additions to the list:
  • Media Village. Our Singapore based partner Media Village can offer recalibration of all CFE & CFE2 equipped FSI monitors utilizing the latest version of LightIllusion's LightSpace CMS in combination with their Klein K10A colorimeter. Importantly, Media Village's K10A colorimeter is equipped with spectroradiometer determined offset files for all FSI monitors ensuring a high-degree of accuracy regardless of the monitor model being calibrated.

  • Avical. This well known and respected calibration company based out of Los Angeles, California is headed by the very knowledgeable David Abrams. Avical utilizes a combination of a PR-655 reference spectroradiometer, fast measuring colorimeters, and SpectraCal's CalMAN Studio to calibrate FSI monitors. Avical can also calibrate your monitors with LightSpace CMS through special prior arrangements.

You can use the contact forms on our calibration page to inquire for more information from these and other partners.


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