Big Game Day: Five Spots (And Teaser) Edited By Award-Winning Cut+Run


Last Updated: February 3, 2014 8:52 pm GMT
(New York, United States--February 3, 2014) Cut+Run is proud to have collaborated with award-winning directors and agencies, editing five Super Bowl spots and one pre-game teaser spot.

View the spots here:

RadioShack’s Super Bowl spot “The Phone Call” was edited by Jay Nelson for agency GSD&M and director Frank Todaro of Moxie. In the spot, the 80s call wanting their Radio Shack back, followed by a cavalcade of 1980’s pop culture icons that rampage the store leaving a bare canvas for a new look. VW fanciful “Wings,” reveals what happens to the automaker’s engineers when a VW turns over 100,000 miles. The spot, via agency Argonaut, was edited by Frank Effron and directed by MJZ’s Tom Kuntz. VW’s teaser “Algorithm,” which aired before the Super Bowl, was edited by Graham Turner and directed by Zachary Johnson & Jeffrey Max/Fatal Farm.

Ford’s “Doubly Good” is a dramatic build from big spot to larger than life created by agency Team Detroit, directed by Daniel Kleinman and edited by Julian Tranquille. In “Love Hurts,” directed by Hungry Man’s Bryan Buckley and edited by Jay Nelson for W&K, a young man’s prom disaster is rectified by his exceptional choice of using Turbo Tax. SodaStream stars a sultry Scarlett Johansson enjoying the many benefits of the product including reducing the use of plastic bottles. The provocative ad was directed by Hungry Man’s Bryan Buckley for agency Humanaut and edited by Jay Nelson and Ben McCambridge.

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Project Credits:
RadioShack “The Phone Call
Editing Company: Cut+Run
Editor: Jay Nelson
Agency: GSD&M
Director: Frank Todaro/Moxie
VFX: Cut+Run
Creative Director: David Parker
Flame Artist: Shauna Prescott
CG Characters: Brewster Parsons

VW “Wings
Editor: Frank Effron
Agency: Argonaut
Director: Tom Kuntz/MJZ
VFX: The Mill

Ford “Doubly Good
Editor: Julian Tranquille
Agency: Team Detroit
Director: Daniel Kleinman/Rattling Stick
VFX: Framestore

Turbo Tax “Love Hurts
Editor: Jay Nelson
Agency: W&K
Director: Bryan Buckley/Hungry Man
VFX/Finishing: The Mill

Soda Stream “Sorry Coke & Pepsi
Editor: Jay Nelson and Ben McCambridge
Agency: Humanaut
Director: Bryan Buckley/Hungry Man
VFX: The Mill

VW Teaser “Algorithm
Editor: Graham Turner
Agency: Argonaut
Directors: Zachary Johnson & Jeffrey Max/Fatal Farm
VFX/Finish: Cut+Run
Flame Artist: Shauna Prescott


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