CineSync Technology Now Integrated Into The Creative-Cartel’s Joust Digital Workflow Management System


Last Updated: February 13, 2014 4:56 pm GMT
(Culver City, California--February 13, 2014) Jenny Fulle, Visual Effects Producer and Founder of The Creative-Cartel and Rory McGregor, CEO of Cospective are thrilled to announce an exciting integration between Cospective’s cineSync review and approval technology and The Creative-Cartel’s JOUST digital workflow management system. 

This first of its kind integration with cineSync will allow live, streaming, interactive reviews that can be carried out from within the JOUST interface. With the addition of the cineSync technology, JOUST Review (a component of the overall JOUST system) will be an even more powerful tool for filmmakers, allowing them to easily collaborate on shot reviews. Users will be able to comment on shots as soon as they become available and give precise, frame accurate feedback to a team of artists that may be spread across different facilities, cities, or even countries. As a web-based tool, JOUST Review does not require any software installation, or downloading of files. For guests invited to review material, joining the review is a simple and intuitive process. All notes, annotations and thumbnails can be saved out for import into other production/VFX tools and will be stored within JOUST for future reference and easy sharing among the team.

JOUST will also be integrated with Cospective's Academy-Award winning cineSync Pro, Cospective's application based review and approval system for high res and stereoscopic material. This will allow users to easily transfer media from JOUST to cineSync Pro when they require the most robust review tools.

"By incorporating cineSync technology into JOUST, we can provide users with a world-class review experience. This addition truly cements JOUST as the all-in-one tool for managing and reviewing digital media," says The Creative-Cartel's Jenny Fulle. "We are thrilled to be working with Cospective and are excited about the accessibility this integration will give our filmmakers.”

JOUST is a web-based application created by The Creative-Cartel to streamline the digital workflow of a project, from production through post. It puts control of digital assets and meta-data in the hands of production where they can be accessed and utilized quickly and efficiently. JOUST acts as a repository for all reference material and meta-data during principal photography, including data wrangling information, camera notes as well as pertinent color information for each shot. It is also a powerful tool for post-production with features that include a dailies and vendor review system and the ability to create bid packages, watermark images, and automate vendor submissions. In addition, editorial teams are able to interact with JOUST to manage plate pulls and transcoding so that VFX plates are delivered to vendors in hours, not days.

"We are very excited to be integrating our technology with JOUST,” says Cospective CEO Rory McGregor. "The Creative-Cartel have built a platform we believe will help revolutionize the digital production pipeline and really streamline the film-making process".

About The Creative-Cartel:
The Creative-Cartel is a full service digital pipeline management company that specializes in VFX production and digital pipeline engineering. Backed by a team of VFX veterans with decades of experience, The Creative-Cartel offers a complete solution for digital workflow services including VFX production management, JOUST digital workflow management software, mobile dailies, and pipeline engineering.

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About Cospective:
Cospective creates innovative software solutions to visual communication challenges. Forged in the fires of feature film visual effects workflows, Cospective has more than a dozen years of experience in helping directors, producers, CG artists and other visual professionals focus on the idea, not the technology. Originally spun off from visual effects boutique Rising Sun Pictures as Rising Sun Research, the company now operates under the Cospective banner, reflecting the broadening nature of our business. Cospective’s video review product line includes cineSync, the Academy Award™ winning synchronized review and approval tool for major film productions and Frankie, for real-time video review right in your browser. Frankie is tailored for short form content produced by ad agencies, production companies and post houses.

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